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I was immediately interested. The line that drew me in: Many YA novels lately are epic fantasy or paranormal, stories of The One whether romantic, magical, or otherwise , or books that pull us into completely new worlds. And I love those books. But what I needed this week was something quieter, simpler. Something I could relate to.

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This book was sincerely lovely. I admit I had gone into this book with reservations about how the characterisation would fare in verse form, but these proved unwarranted. Despite the occasional sparseness of the writing, Brooklyn and Nico felt fully fleshed out. It saves this story from becoming what might have otherwise been just another overwrought mourning book. By this I mean that there is a sense of who these people were before the tragedy, and who they might yet become.

I felt the validity of their reservations and the respect for the grieving process, yet was also a little bit twitterpated at seeing their mutual feelings emerge and develop. Or maybe that was about Nico? Well played, Lisa Schroeder. View all 27 comments.

Brooklyn lost her boyfriend Lucca in a tragic accident one year ago, and now his best friend, Gabe, has died of an overdose. Brooklyn was very much in love with Lucca, and hasn't been dealing with the loss well. She's abandoned her art and writes letters to Lucca every day. All of a sudden Brooklyn starts having nightmares about Gabe. Truly heart-pounding, scary, run-for-your life nightmares! She has no idea why, and is beyond frightened. Nico is Lucca's older brother, and has barely been coping with the death of his brother as well.

Lucca was the favorite child of his parents and he feels he's a poor substitution. Lucca starts visiting Nico in his dreams, begging him to help Brooklyn. He has no idea why she needs help or how to provide it. But Lucca's request is desperate enough that Nico arranges to meet up with Brooklyn to make sure all is well. Nico can tell there is something wrong but Brooklyn won't say what. This story was told in verse, a form of storytelling I am quickly beginning to love. A verse novel can speak volumes with very few words.

It's like a focused type of storytelling. Lisa Schroeder did a masterful job in capturing just the right emotion, at the right time.

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I was riveted from the beginning and didn't want to put this book down. It was suspenseful and scary but also heart-warming, and heart-breaking. Nico is so swoon-worthy, a total knight-in-shining-armor type of guy. You find yourself falling for him just as Brooklyn does, not that she is completely aware of this at first. Love this verse from her: When I wake up I whisper prayers of thanks. Thank you for a night free of ghosts and nightmares. Thank you for another day of living. Thank you for a race that gives me purpose.

Thank you for a lullaby last night. Thank you for the boy who sang it. I think he called me lovely in the song. And I feel my heart do a dance of joy at the thought. If you haven't read a verse novel, do yourself a favor and give one a try. They're a fast and if done right, powerful read. I highly recommend this one. View all 20 comments. I discovered this book when I dropped by on our local bookstore and browsing some books probably 3 years ago.

There is something about this that makes me want to read it. I got side tracked by other books and this slipped out of my mind. I'm so glad I finally got into it. Chasing Brooklyn is written in verse. The premise is beautiful and easy to read. I didn't expect to be hooked with its story. It's sad, touching, and refreshing with a touch of paranormal.

So good and well-written. It's nice to see Nico and Brooklyn recovered from loss of their dearly departed loved ones, and found happiness and love with each other. The ending fell a little flat to me, still it is such a great story. I'll read more of Lisa Schroeder's novels. View all 6 comments. Jan 03, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pretending to listen, but not hearing a word? Pretending to care when I hated it all? Pretending to live when I was dying inside?

Two characters that will stay with me each and every day. In a world that keeps go, go, going, how does one learn to survive, keep feeling, smiling, getting up and moving on after the loss of a loved one, child, brother, best friend, or boyfriend? Now haunted with nightmares, Brooklyn must find a way out of her grief. Can Nico and Brooklyn stop running, reach out, and help each other? Perhaps with a little ghostly push and assistance.

Brooklyn and Nico stole my heart! Their heartfelt story grabbed on to my heart and squeezed the hell out of it pretty much from page one! Once I opened this book, there was no putting it down until the end. With beauty and patience, readers slowly get to know both Nico and Brooklyn through their voices, humor, families, kindness, shared loss, and growing support and tenderness with each other. These two have the sweetest hearts! Nico could possess the best heart in all of YA fiction. He certainly holds my heart!

I am still swooning over here! D The boy cooks ravioli, sneaks in the sliest comments to make you smile, sings lullabies, swings in the air, and sweeps in to rescue like no other! What have I got left? I grab her arm and pull, just enough to get her walking. We all need help, shoulders to cry on, and people to listen, but we also have to open up, trust again, reach out to give help and get help so we can stand up on our own. And once again, Ms.

Lisa Schroeder, Author: Chasing Brooklyn in German

Truly an inspiring and moving reading experience from the first word to the last. I do hope you allow Brooklyn and Nico into your hearts and souls. They might just haunt you. They will linger in my heart to remind me to reach out for support, but also to offer support to others in times of pain and darkness. View all 18 comments. May 04, Jonababez rated it it was amazing Shelves: Is it possible to love every chapter, every line, and every words of a book?

Because it did happened to me I love everything about this book! This is my first time to read a novel written in verse. I bought this just a few days ago because of the good reviews and recommendations. Also, I was intrigued by how it was written in verse.

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Then, I opened it and began reading the first chapter. And I just realized that I couldn't stop reading. Wow, it actually took me only the first page. And I got hooked. I knew this is a tear jerker, so I expected myself to cry. And I indeed literally cry. I love how it was written, how it was able to capture my heart. It was heart breaking, but it made me fall in love too. I felt everything, every word. I was amazed by how a certain book can teach a lot of things, a lot of lessons in life. I love the characters - Brooklyn and Nico.

They are both sad, lonely, and broken. They both lose someone they love the most - Lucca. He's the boyfriend of Brooklyn and brother of Nico. Somehow, Lucca's ghost helped them, to finally move on and be happy again. Here's my favorite line from it: My heart, a different one.

The difference is, hearts don't lie. I really love it. Can you believe it, it only took me one book from the author and I'm now a fan?!

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So you know I'll be reading more books from her. View all 14 comments. Dec 30, Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: This book has ratings on GR with a 4. From the reviews, I think I was expecting something more like Hold Still , which deals beautifully with someone learning to live again after suffering a loss, or as evocative as an Ellen Hopkins novel.

I really need to get it through my thick skull already that just be This book has ratings on GR with a 4. It was High Expectations City, Population: Alas, this book did not impact me as powerfully as it did the thousands who read and enjoyed it. I read the last word in the last sentence on the last page. I closed the book.

I scratched my head. The lullaby he sings to Brooklyn made me feel queasy, though. As for the ghost element, I like the idea of the helpful ghost of a lost loved one trying to help you let go and move on with your own life, but the execution made it felt more absurd than poignant.

Families and friends are so distant from Brooklyn and Nico that they may as well have not been written in at all. Jun 18, Kristi rated it liked it. Chasing Brooklyn is told in verse. Sometimes verse works, sometimes it doesn't. Lisa Schroeder knows how to do it! This is now my favorite novel by Lisa. It's about loss, and letting go, but most importantly it's about hope and love. You'd think you couldn't have strong characterization in a novel told with such few words, but wow. I found such a connection with these characters it was unbelievable. Schroeder is amazingly talented.

I can't begin t Chasing Brooklyn is told in verse. I can't begin to imagine the heartache you would feel to lose someone you love so deeply and I think Lisa accurately captures that despair. However it's not something you would need to read first in order to enjoy this novel. Since the novel is in verse it goes by rather quickly, but it doesn't damper the power behind the story.

Oct 07, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is my first time to read a book that is not in paragraph, but in verses. I thought I may not like it but instead I loved it. I love the fast-pace of Chasing Brooklyn which is not so cheesy but is very real and emotionally well written. This is basically the first book I've read from Ms.

Schroeder and I can say that she writes exceptionally a very good and emotional story about lost, friendship, relationships, and love. So the story is about Brooklyn losing her boyfriend Lucca, which is Nico' This is my first time to read a book that is not in paragraph, but in verses. So the story is about Brooklyn losing her boyfriend Lucca, which is Nico's brother, and her friend Gabe.

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It tells about how much she'd dealt after the loss of two of her loved ones. But in another point, it also tells about Nico's perspective about going through a year with the death of his brother. After a year of Lucca and Gabe's death, Brooklyn and Nico had been "haunted" respectively with Brooklyn of Gabe, that he's literally chasing her in her dreams, and Lucca to Nico, giving hints to help Brooklyn. In the end, they had a little mutual understanding with one another. Trying to figure out their feelings and whether to it is right.

But at least that was what Lucca would have wanted, for Brooklyn to be happy. I love that they're together because they pretty much deal with the same situation and at least they understand each other. Chasing Brooklyn is one extraordinary book about loss and love but it's actually digging oneself on how to face life after the loss of a person you love, deciding whether to live for tomorrow or just mourn and remain in the past. In the end, I love how the relationship between the two escalated in a good way for the both of them.

Totally worth the read! Helps you think that it's good that someone's really outhere for you without you realizing it. View all 4 comments. Feb 09, Eunice rated it really liked it Recommended to Eunice by: This is the second time I've read a work from this author and it still didn't fail to leave me at awe especially since this is a verse novel. When I started this I realized that this is much more intense and emotional that the last book I've read of this author so I was a little doubtful if it would be able to connect and affect me deeply since it was written in a verse form.

But lo and behold because it did! I was surprised to find myself tearing up on some parts and some making my skin filled This is the second time I've read a work from this author and it still didn't fail to leave me at awe especially since this is a verse novel. I was surprised to find myself tearing up on some parts and some making my skin filled with goose bumps.

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  4. I fascinating how those short verses was able to contain such powerful emotions and feelings. It was very captivating and entrancing. Nico and Brooklyn are characters that are so easy to like. I felt instant connection with them and felt the sadness and the struggles they've been having since the death of someone they both loved so deeply.

    The comfort they found through each other and how both of them had helped to let go and move on was very heartwarming and poignant. Their story was such a lovely and touching one that it made its way easily on my favorites shelf. This review is also posted at Book Overdose View all 15 comments. Jun 27, Sammy rated it liked it Shelves: I never go for a paranormal stories , yet I don't know how I came across this one, I had it since quite a while , yet I decided it to read tonight And something was different , the air was different ,maybe if i had read it on some other day It wudn't have the same effect its having tonight.

    There were answers in this book , that I was trying to find today about my life Anyway coming to the story I never go for a paranormal stories , yet I don't know how I came across this one, I had it since quite a while , yet I decided it to read tonight Its sweet , all those little things said about life, about loss, new beginning Love is the answer , not fear Aug 13, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: Brooklyn experiences unsettling nightmares after her boyfriend, Lucca, passes away.

    I don't know how many copies you have to give away, Lisa, but I have some very good friends who are German and would probably love to read it in their native tongue. And it's absolutely adorable!

    Chasing Brooklyn, by Lisa Schroeder

    Oh, how I wish I spoke German right now! Friday, November 11, Chasing Brooklyn in German. Yesterday I got a package from my editor. I was so surprised when I opened it. Small, adorable books, written in German! I would love to give away a couple.

    Chasing Brooklyn Chasing Brooklyn
    Chasing Brooklyn Chasing Brooklyn
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