Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends

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The Resident Allie hadn't had the house that long. It was time to explore a bit and look at that boarded-up crawlspace. It would make an excellent storage area. Some places should be left alone and not examined. Not all the unexplained sounds are rats. Skin House You know you are not crazy when others see the same thing as you. I feel this is the most descriptive of all the stories, the one that will scare a reader the most based on a description. Radio You don't have to believe everything you read or hear.

But this news station became increasingly credible as Luke listened.

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I felt the average reader would see the end coming in this one. That makes me less than average. I didn't see it coming. This was the scariest for me based on an unexpected ending. Growth Emma was Mary's best friend; she wanted to share a new discovery somewhere in the woods. Mary found the new discovery fascinating, so she wanted to share with the new farm girl who lived nearby.

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Sometimes paying it forward does not pay off. There are surprises, twists and some gruesome descriptions but none so bad as to trigger warnings. The collection is devoid of content requiring graphic sex warnings, also a plus. This is a collection I will forward to my son's Kindle reader. Becky Stephens, Editor and Reviewer. I really enjoyed this collection of short and entertaining horror stories. Each one was a good length to get to know a character a little bit before jumping into the action.

I'd read a few of these short stories already, but the others were a treat. I liked some more than others, but all are worth reading. I would have preferred to read this collection in October, but I never turn down an opportunity to read a frightening Coates story--even when I'm gearing up for the holidays.

This is a good collection of short horror stories with variety, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of horror, especially short horror. I've read a bunch of Darcy Coates books and have loved each one. I've always loved the pace of her writing. Most of the books I've read by her were her short stories, but this one for some reason was different and very disappointing.

I couldn't even finish this because after about 2 or 3, I saw a pattern I believe it was the simple fact that all the stories started off okay, but it was kinda akin to running thru a backyard filled with leaves and suddenly being whacked in the face by a yard rake hidden in those same leaves.

Not so fun after all, huh? That's how reading this felt. Like you're in a car going somewhere and you're a miles down the road and the car abruptly dies. And there you are. No way to get back to the beginning and no where near your destination. Now in hindsight, I think the reason I liked her other short stories is they were "stand-alones" This book felt like she said, "I'm gonna write a bunch of short stories and not bother to finish them and put them into a "collection" the end.

Apparently, by the other reviews on this, some folks like this style of writing. Opening a door and falling into nothingness. I felt my time was ill used. Not cool at all. I should've made like Forrest Gump and ran fast and far, far, away.

Urban legend

It's always a gamble when there's a "collection" of short stories. Whether it's one author or several. Some stories were sort of spooky, others not so much. One tale in particular held me rapt until the unsatisfying conclusion it rather landed with a, "Thud," so to speak. In reading this, I find myself unclear as to whether the listed author composed all of the tales herein or compiled the writings of other authors for publication in this tome.

I also often found myself distracted by poor editing and typos. A shame really, because so many books go unfinished by this reader when there are too many bad edits to keep me involved. NEVER edit your own work. A highly varied, imaginative, creative and often surprising collection of short scary stories.

Mostly just a few pages long, I found myself wishing that many of these had actually been longer, and similarly thought that many of the tales might well serve as the inspiration for longer works. Those who, like myself, have both a penchant for scary fiction and a compulsion to read something before going to sleep will find this anthology a delight.

See all 96 reviews. She is reassured by the presence of her faithful dog who licks her hand from under the bed.

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Eventually, she investigates the noise only to find her dog slaughtered and a message written in blood — "humans can lick hands too". This story was actually taken from a much earlier MR James story called 'The Diary of Mr Poynter' in which a character experiences a similar fate. In this tale, a young man is either seduced by a beautiful woman or pays for an escort. The following morning, he awakens in a bathtub full of ice to find one of his kidneys has been removed for sale on the black market.

The moral couldn't be clearer, really, could it? As someone eager to get on the property ladder, I don't know how bothered I'd be to check what my house was built on, but you might want to get a surveyor to have a look.

Everyone knows houses built on burial grounds are bound to be cursed, right? Although ancient Indian Burial mounds are few and far between in the USA, they sure get a lot of flack. From Stephen King's The Shining and Pet Cemetery to Hollywood classic Poltergeist and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer , the message is very clear — don't just look at a home before you buy it, look under it.

You know this one. This urban legend seems to have predicted viral marketing by twenty years or so. The moral is clear: Variations of this one see a babysitter being tormented by threatening phone calls that turn out to be coming from a inside the house. The children in her care are often murdered. With advances in mobile phone technology expect this to develop into Snapchat based horror or killers using Tinder to track down their victims.

A truly modern modern myth, Slender Man started online as part of a competition to Photoshop pictures to include a supernatural element. User 'Victor Surge' added a suited, faceless, unnaturally tall figure into two black and white photos which were copied and distributed virally over the net. Since then, millions of authors, mostly online, have shared and spread the story on websites such as Creepypasta.

The Slender Man's MO is to abduct people, often children who seem to willingly go with the figure never to be seen again, making him a terrifying version of the Pied Piper. New urban legends will almost certainly have some sort of viral online element. It usually consists of fictional stories, often presented as true, with macabre or humorous elements, rooted in local popular culture. These legends can be used for entertainment purposes, as well as semi-serious explanations for random events such as disappearances and strange objects.

Urban legends are spread by any media, including newspapers, e-mail and social media. Some urban legends have passed through the years with only minor changes to suit regional variations. More recent legends tend to reflect modern circumstances, like the story of people ambushed and anesthetized, who awaken minus one kidney, which was supposedly surgically removed for transplantation.

The term "urban legend," as used by folklorists, has appeared in print since at least Brunvand used his collection of legends, The Vanishing Hitchhiker: Many urban legends are framed as complete stories with plot and characters. The compelling appeal of a typical urban legend is its elements of mystery, horror , fear or humor. Often they serve as cautionary tales. As Jan Brunvand points out, [4] antecedent legends including some of the motifs, themes and symbolism of these urtexts can readily be identified.

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The teller of an urban legend may claim it happened to a friend or to a friend of a friend , which serves to personalize, authenticate and enhance the power of the narrative [9] while distancing the teller. Many urban legends depict horrific crimes, contaminated foods, or other situations which would potentially affect many people.

Anyone believing such stories might feel compelled to warn loved ones. On occasion, news organizations, school officials and even police departments have issued warnings concerning the latest threat. Even the Minister of Defence for Canada was taken in by the same legend; he forwarded an urgent security warning to all Ontario Members of Parliament. Many urban legends are essentially extended jokes , told as if they were true events. Persistent urban legends often maintain a degree of plausibility, for instance a serial killer deliberately hiding in the back seat of a car.

The earliest term by which these narratives were known, "urban belief tales", highlights what was then thought of [ by whom? While at least one classic legend, the "Death Car", has been shown to have some basis in fact, [17] folklorists have an interest in debunking these narratives only to the degree that establishing non-factuality warrants the assumption that there must be some other reason why the tales are told, re-told and believed.

For this reason, it is characteristic of groups within which a given narrative circulates to react very negatively to claims or demonstrations of non-factuality; an example would be the expressions of outrage by police officers who are told that adulteration of Halloween treats by strangers the subject of periodic moral panics occurs extremely rarely, if at all.

Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends
Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends
Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends
Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends
Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends
Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends
Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends Scary Tales: A Collection of Modern Urban Legends

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