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There are still some improvements that can be made but for myself I just made it in the editor. Thanks for your comments Unleashed. As for the feedback: The shortest way may be guarded by an extra stack, but you can always walk around especially that stacks are random so you may have 3 stacks of hydras or 2 stacks of archangels.. On rest of the map no creatures can join you anyway. I'm ok if someone wants to play diplomacy for a good start. Thank you the reply, I downloaded the map from here, I noticed that for the Hard version Red liches are still agressive and not savage, but indeed for impossible they are savage.

I will re-play the impossible version again I think, because I like it very much and I want to improve my finish time. I will write more feedback if I encounter anything else. I respectfully disagree on diplomacy being minor, because I find that there are enough joiners in the starting region with exp diplo to make the start much quicker than without it, and access to rogues makes it more reliable and increases usefulness. Also its possible to be lucky to find joiner mummies for the quest.

Also 30 vampire lords from an island week 3 or 4. I am not complaining, just sharing thoughts! Cheers to you too! Thanks, I've updated some of the lvl 5 stacks so they never join as there was some inconsistency. I've also been a bit lazy with updating the "hard" difficulty version, will do that in few days. And I wonder how to beat this map as fortress on solo - teal units is not as dangerous as his magic. Somewhat stronger regular AIs, some extra dynamics for later game, some minor fixes here and there.

In the editor I played Blue - Tower add a hero to each playable colour. Each hero has expert Logistics and Pathfinding, and basic Wisdom,Earth,Water, Offense, Armorer, Archery, no artifacts or armies, a bit of experience so AI makes them the main ones and the following primary skills: Bellum Saigon , I spent almost a month for visiting camps and enlightened libraries main hero's stats like 99 99 8x 8x and I didn't use azure dragons or admiral's hat bcuz I thought I could find Fly and DD somewhere: I tried the map again with Rampart and this time I cheated: When I got to the middle land pink had not been there yet.

I lost 2 dragons when trying to kill a horde of haspids guarding the entrance but the amagenddon blade was mine, giving it to the Ivor. I think amagenddom in this map is kind of normal, it cannot compare to the combination of armor of the damned, pendant of encourage and cape of velocity. Here is my month 5 week 2 day 3. This guy dealed no damage to my troops and I finished him in 2 turns. The whole game was within days. Here are my tips: Week 2, day 1 or 2: Day 4 or 5 take the phoenix town on the top, from there to week 3 day 5 Kyrre MUST GET spell book, air, water and earth actually air is unnecessary, it's just my habit from that town.

Attack the black tower guarded by one dragon and hill fort to upgrade grand elves. Week 3 day 7: Immediate move Gelu to the area of the second Rampart town. Clear everything on your way, including cyclops cave, sacrifice rogues and centaurs if needed. Week 4 day 2 or 3: Again, do not go back. Rescue Phoenix and take the 3rd town. Get to the sea, take the gold sack by standing near water's edge, run to the seer hut. And when you've captured the 4th town is also when you've got the Admiral's hat.

Now Kyrre with AH can easily rescue 2 more dragons near the 4th base, rescue more fire birds, attack the guards protecting 2 Azure Dragon quest I left them there, I didnt have enuf resources , try to locate the hill fort, so u can upgrade to golden dragons and phoenixes and take the phoenix town nearby.

After that u can land on the mid-land, clear everything on your way to the pyramid of mummies, locate the tavern and buy 2 heroes to loot things. The upper path is much more easier to access. Now, start to train the second hero, give him Armageddon blade and those two Azure Dragons. From there onward the game will be much more easier for you.

Kyrre never went back to the 1st town before getting Town Portal, everyday must have something to achieve, be it capturing towns, getting more troops or resources. By the way, I didnt touch any garrison expect 5 of pink. Hi Bellum, A really nice write up. I've seen getting to AB in by Tower, but not with rampart yet! The map, as any map, can be challenging, but in general I didn't want to it to be too difficult. That's really fast, but how could he got the resurrection spell on Month 1? I thought it was only available by collecting 35 mummies, I got it in Month 3: And I think it should be only available in the mid-land just like town portal, water walk and summon ship, otherwise, the map will be too easy.

My ver is 1. Could you help me with this? Thank you very much! Yes, it seems you have one of the older versions. You can always get the latest one from this page, but I update regularly under the link. D-Rakk UK , Really, really enjoyed it but Very difficult, so difficult that it is impossible if you get the wrong 'breaks' at least I thought so, playing as Fortress on Impossible starting bottom right. For example, once I had one of the necro's coming into my territory right at the beginning of month 3 i. I had no berserk, implosion etc. You need the right spells and you need them fast.

Plus, you need luck, at times, to avoid the big heroes who all have shackles of war and cannot be faced in the early game. Admiral's hat is a must, as is town portal it's a lottery if your hero gets attacked going for this. One way is to send a crap hero and make sure you have scholar I did the whole game without resurrection which was a pain in the arse lol. If you survive that, and you can get the right artifacts such as the orb of vulnerability i found it was do-able.

Towards the end, spell power meant absolutely nothing. Even an 18k implosion or 10k armageddon with the angelic alliance would be irrelevant. It is all about getting the right spells, artifacts and staying alive long enough to build an army at least if you're slow like me! Thanks bro, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Bellum HD city , Go to the seer on the water who asks for the Endless Purse of Gold. And you can get the EPoG from one of the seers in your starting area who asks for gold. Derr Bucharest, Romania , Very nice, took me 3 attempts.

Killed it with Malekith, the dude's implosion, on 99 Spell Power made about damage Funny thing, first two times I didn't even know some spells were unavailable: I'll give it a shot on impossible, though I tell you, Im afraid already. I think beating the map on "hard" is still an achievement, it just gives you a week or two of a head start vs impossible.

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N-Ry Montreal, canada , I find it so overwhelming when i'm fighting against the Pink or Teal player. They ALWAYS have the armageddon sword,undead units so I can't blind them, that weird artifact that slow,weakness,missfo rtune on me at the start of the game and worst of it, they start first because they have phoenixes or black dragons.

I can't do anything. And worst, they got shackle of war. I basically can't do anything than watch my units die Well man, there are many things you can look into.. There are few recordings on youtube where people beat the map. Otherwise some general advise.. Think about getting a very strong hero s asap. Play around strongest computer heroes. Even if they are too strong for now, you can be mobile and outplay them in long run!

I love how every game plays out differently so there is no sure fire way. So many different ways to try and play on different strengths at different stages in the game. Do you play the latest version, e. Left, buttom dungeon have blocked entrance from garrison to castle. Is that on purpose? Else the trick is to stay out of range until you can jump the town so you get to buy the creatures instead of fighting them and taking over empty dvellings. Had a good run with Tazar this time but pink got the grail and got too far ahead.

Also, without Adrienne and fireelementals it is not likely to jump an early pink so I am trying to stay on main hero.

Also best for the garrisons with cursed ground. Tazar and Mephala cannot learn fire magic, but it could be we won't need it.

The meaning and origin of the expression: The devil is in the details

Resurrection where magic is allowed works in synergy with the armorer skill and shield. Neela can get fire, but she starts with useless scholar so I will try now with Mephala who starts with leadership which will benefit the mixed armies very much. For the main hero to work we need armorer, offence, logistics, pathfinding, wisdom, earth and leadership. Last should be fire, but if I hero cannot learn that then diplomacy would be very strong. Oh, I see, you mean that shipyard is blocked.

I didnt mean to do that.. Any other bugs you've spotted? I think I've cleared everything else finally.. No, I mean you have to go around the castle after beating the garrison. That is the only castle you have to do that. All the others you can go 3 steps after the garrison and then take the castle. Also I came up with the fastest strategy now I think. You must pick castle, fortress or stronghold and chose resource as bonus.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'The devil is in the details'?

That gives you the fastest possible start. Then you need a starting hero with ballista to take down the first dvellings ore and wood. That ballista you can then give to your main hero who needs to be in the tavern. So that means restarts until you get your main. Which I did with castle so I go with angels and armorer Mephala as my base. The best hero on such a big map is logistics specialty hero. If you want to spend time restarting, you may rather try to get movement enhancement artifact in nearby wagon: Thats a serious record. I would think gold dragons didn't combine well with the resurrection spell you get first.

What's your secondary skills? And did you get the grail? I have to admit I did not aim at highest score in my run so I abandoned it after defeating strongest pink , it just that a few positive factors helped a fast run. I love this map and played each colour at least twice, so I know every inch of it. I started with Kyrre, found eq. Didn't get harassed by anyone until I had town portal. Skills were very common - wisdom, water, earth, logistics, pathfinding, archery, offense,tactics I think.

It is very helpful to build up early a sec. AI cannot correctly asses you having Admiral's hat, so it can be utilised or ignored for a harder version of the map. Tung Vietnam , I spended 1 week for play. To JB, amazingly done: Oh no, you are right.. Thank you for playing, enjoyed your battle report.

JB Moscow, Russia , This map has been very fun. On my 4th try I've managed to win! Started as Red with Adela on Impossible ver. The route to victory was getting the Admiral's Hat and 2 quest Azure dragons as soon as possible before the Teal started actively exploring seas and before the Pink left the Underground. With the Admiral's Hat it was possible to move from one island to another without the risk of getting caught by much stronger Teal heroes. Had to find a space of several days to get to the central shrine TP without any threat from the Pink.

After that it was important to get 2 angel dwellings and start getting Teal underground towns, one by one. These 6 towns combined with the army from 2 main towns made possible defeating Teal heroes. I saw that AI had left several holes in the ground and was sure at first the Grail already had been built in the Orange - or the Purple Conflux. But while exploring the map I kept digging by a secondary hero. I put the Grail into the Tower town on the seashore to see the whole map.

After that it was a long period of hide-and-seek with the Pink, taking towns one by one, and killing his heroes. During the third week of the seventh month, I let the Pink's main hero attack me. I still trailed in stats if compared to him he had about 60 in everything , but the fight was won. Ended the map with the score days. First, amazing map , impossible that I have spend many many hours on now: Month 7 week 2 I tried challenge the main pink hero with my own 69,62,87, Orb of vulnerability , fire orb, earth orb, ABlade. I have 0,0 chance when he have power of the dragon father.

Will try berserk with the orb of vulnerability in the giant pink garrisions to gather a giant skeleton army.

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And since I have all the other castles I just have to out produce him. Month 8, week 2, day 5 pink is defeated but still hides one somewhere so losing a week until he abandons him. Outskilled pink by visiting all the libraries 80,76,99,81 16k skeletons. Best strategy so far is to hero shift, from starter hero to prison hero to pink when you get the first one down. Also gear up two more heroes defeated necroes to take the castles around the island and keep the fodder down.

Start with fortress and use Gerwulf or Tazar to get the fastest start possible. Objective is to free prison asap and get Adrienne. She has fireelementals which will make her the most powerful prison hero. Especially facing pink with AB. She starts with Logistics, wisdom, fire magic and sorcery. Apart from logistics she will need pathfinding from hut which is getting so much more value without dd.

She will need additionally earth townportal, slow, implosion and intelligence and sorcery. Intelligence allows you to simply out mana enemy when we both are battling with elementals. When he is out of mana you can ress all your troops. One last spot should be resistance to win the elemental battles lower enemy spell power. Problem is the luck part from the huts. First one is ok with pathfinding.

Second one down left is also ok with logistics for your starting hero. But last one top left is random. And that is where you want resistance or second armory. Thank you for your feedback, im glad you enjoyed the map! FYI, unless you downloaded the map just yesterday, the latest and final version is in the link. I changed some small things here and there, e. There is no need to be upset by not getting a specific skill, people have won it with pure brute force, spells clone etc.

The question is not to win it, but with what score the last version. Getting the wrong skill combo will hold you back. Another way of playing it, is to just go with what you get, but that wont get you any highscore. Spells, yes of course. Many combos to take down a much bigger force than yourself. Lose all army, blind the last enemy and ress everything. And using more than one hero. Hence the use of main hero and two or three lieutenants. All need town portal. All of those needs to be in play to max the score a map this size.

With ress available so early, now Taz seems a better starting hero to take your first pink down. But this is the balance I love to play around with: Only real problem is that when you free the prison hero, the exp is assigned automatically and I cannot chose the skills. So if she gets useless skills I have to restart. I get earth from university, and pathfinding from hut. And I need int in one of the last two spots.

I even had one try where I got 3 skill slots taken… Anyway the map is epic and I will go all in again on your new version with resurrection. I would love to see anyone post their highscore and with what tactics they used: Gigachamp Denmark , That means many many savegames and different branches of savegames going back weeks or months to points of decisions.

So in that matter I play a very precise game. And that also mean I never give up until every possible combination have been tried and exhausted. I am happy you write that we are not supposed to get the blade, that makes more sense but I will still try if it is possible in any way. So far it is clear you will need a caster hero to take down those guardians, since it cannot be done with troops and might. It makes a difference in strategy if I have to play against the blade and not with it. Since the heroes available in tavern are random we can test by simply putting the one you are looking for on the map directly from start.

Then you will have to buy another hero and dismiss him. Just to not waste time on randomness. And you cannot use him until you have gold to buy the other hero. It must be as it would have been if the hero was available in tavern. You can also put the spells that you want to appear in mages guild within the limits of the map.

Thorgrim is my best bet so far if I am going against the blade. If we are trying to get the blade first, only option is a caster that can take down the guardians. And we will need expert earth with mass slow.

'The devil is in the details' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

So a possible combo would be Adrienne as the tavern hero and stronghold which is what I will test now. For the caster strategy you will need dispel, haste, shield, slow, stone skin. Destroy undead, force field and hypnotize. Even after all that it might come down to what type of level 7 you are facing before entering the the snowy part of the island. Hydras being the best case scenario to defeat with hypnotize. I challenge anyone to do it.

For Mike, the chances for dimension door or fly is zero. It is disabled in the map. So you cannot get it from any castle or any pyramid. With zero starting resources or gold, there is no way you can take down the guardians in the middle before pink. Month 3, week 3 pink goes through the portal and get the Armageddons blade. After that it is game over. This expression is a derivation of God is in the details. This earlier version most likely originated in the s and is attributed to German-born architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohebut.

David Paulides on Missing 411 The Devil's in the Detail Part 2 December 20, 2014

Interestingly, the original phrase God is in the Details had a slightly different connotation than the modern phrase the devil is in the details. The idea was that whatever one does should be done thoroughly and the truth, if it exists, is in the details. The modern phrase does not speak of truth in this sense. The devil is in the details really only refers to problems or difficulties that result from the unforeseen nature of unexamined details. It refers to a catch hidden in the details rather than the truth in its abstract sense.

In the example below, two friends are discussing a recent controversy at the local art museum. Apparently, one of the very famous paintings they had was a forgery! Well, the painting was almost perfect. It looked the same in every way. However, it turned out that this particular artist used a very specific type of hair in his paint brushes. It came from a specific breed of cat! In the forgery, there were pieces of hair from a horse!

The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail
The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail
The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail
The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail
The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail
The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail
The Devil In The Detail The Devil In The Detail

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