The Psalm of Psaint Mabel

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These exegetical an explanation or critical interpretation of the text and theological briefs were narratives that varied in length and were in an outline form. The schema also stated how large each illumination was to be. Transformation — Benedictines take the vow of conversatio or conversion of life.

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Conversatio entails an ongoing process of aligning one's life more closely to the life of Christ. Justice for God's People — Of special concern to Benedictines and all believers in biblical revelation is the constant call for justice for all of God's people who are equally worthy before God. Benedictine references — each scripture passage referred to by St.

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Gospels and Acts Gospels and Acts was completed in May The volume is heavily illuminated with more than 25 illuminations including full-page frontispiece illuminations for each of the four gospels and several others throughout the pages. Pentateuch Pentateuch was completed in August Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy , includes pages of beautiful illumination and text. Psalms Psalms was completed in April This volume has 84 pages and consists of five books, paralleling Pentateuch.

Unlike the first two volumes, Gospels and Acts and Pentateuch , Psalms has its own font, a lighter weight script, which underscores the melodic and poetic nature of Psalms.

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Jackson chose colors to represent the different themes and designs to symbolize the different types of Psalms. He devised a way of weaving the two together that resulted in a unique script, colors and shading in Psalms. Prophets Prophets was completed in April The volume includes pages and 20 illuminations.


Wisdom Books Wisdom Books was completed in July of and includes pages and 24 illuminations. Historical Books Historical Books was completed in March and includes pages and 20 illuminations. Letters and Revelation Letters and Revelation was completed in May of and includes 96 pages, 12 major illuminations and 20 special text treatments.

Donald Jackson wrote and illuminated the Revelation portion of this volume entirely on his own. They brought with them a vision of the future and the role of education that inspired them to found Saint John's University. They also brought a tradition steeped in years of monastic history.

Those two visions, forward-thinking imbued with an appreciation for tradition, would lead Saint John's Abbey and its University to be a creative center for education, art, architecture, liturgy and the written word. Located on acres of land, the Saint John's campus is remarkable in both its natural and architectural beauty. It includes pine and hardwood forest, oak savanna and restored prairies, wetlands and several lakes. Four-year residential liberal arts education, the liturgical movement, ecumenism, cultural preservation, art and architecture have become signature characteristics of Saint John's.

Scriptorium in Wales Donald and Mabel Jackson live in a converted village hall, a rambling half-timbered building, beautiful against the hills that surround it.


It is full of natural light, with a row of desks for the scribal team. In the back are a kitchen and another work area. Across from the schoolroom, a large black corrugated iron shed serves as a storage area. They did so with a keen understanding of scripture and the relevant issues of today and the changing world. The team was made up of skilled scribes, some who worked at the scriptorium and others who took pages of vellum back to their own studios. With fast shipping, low prices, friendly service and over 1,, in stock items - you're bound to find what you want, at a price you'll love!

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The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel The Psalm of Psaint Mabel
The Psalm of Psaint Mabel

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