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What is Character Education? |

Each principle outlines vital aspects of character education initiatives that should not be overlooked in program implementation. From curriculum integration to extra-curricular activities, from parent and community partnerships to staff development — the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education offer fundamental guidance for educators and community leaders to maximize their character education outcomes. Learn more about the criteria Character.

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Additional resources to learn more about character education: Comprehensive character education addresses many tough issues in education while developing a positive school climate. It can be effective in any school setting, as our National Schools of Character demonstrate.

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The DfE definition of character seems to include everything: For some children, schools have always been the only place to model respectful positive values. But prioritising the development of the whole person will demand much more than a few bolted-on programmes. A recent RSA report, Schools with Soul , suggested making the next academic year one of reflection in which no new policies are announced and only the most essential inspections take place.

This would allow schools time to build social, moral, spiritual and cultural education into their daily lives.

A nod towards ‘character education’ is welcome – just don’t start measuring it

Would any politician wedded to character education be willing to countenance that? And enrichment activities that help to cultivate well-rounded young people need more status than they currently enjoy. We become good people by doing good things at least Aristotle thought so. Here you'll find lots of opportunities for your students to become involved in character building activities.

There is a lot in these pages that you can use as the basis for class discussions, writing assignments and student activities. As young people enter the workforce they encounter a variety of ethical problems that require tough decisions. Here are some thorny scenarios for your students to wrestle with. Facilitation techniques including Socratic Method for conducting lively, productive, meaningful discussions with your students.

Character education

Links to some very helpful places. Every choice you make helps define the kind of person you are choosing to be. Good character requires doing the right thing, even when it is costly or risky. You don't have to take the worst behavior of others as a standard of comparison for yourself.

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  8. You can choose to be better than that. What you do matters, and one person can make a big difference. The payoff for having good character is that it makes you a better person and it makes the world a better place. Challenge Your Students With.

    Education with Character Education with Character
    Education with Character Education with Character
    Education with Character Education with Character
    Education with Character Education with Character
    Education with Character Education with Character

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