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Why we created Asgardia

Asgardia Nation Residents Followers 1 The world's first space nation.

Decrees from August 28, September 9, Read. VIP Tickets for the inauguration ceremony. I would like to frankly thank you for all the words you gifted to me for my birthday. The Chairman finalises Committees structure Asgardia's legislative body has carried out an important step by finalising the selection of the Chair and Deputy Chair for each of the t Work is underway to form the first Asgardian Government Asgardian Prime Minister Ana Mercedez Diaz and her team are working around the clock to carry out interviews with a global cast of applic Interviews with the first Asgardians Today Asgardia surpassed one million registered followers and we asked some of ur first residents who became a part of the Space Nation National Symbols of Asgardia.

Igor Ashurbeyli Head of Nation Read more.

What's New

Space platform Asgardia will be a fully fledged, independent nation inhabited on a low Earth orbit. Connect with Forward - Thinking People Our community is the perfect place to network and brainstorm with innovators, engineers, scientists, business people and investors. Protect Our Planet and Future Generations Faced with threats such as sun storms and potentially dangerous asteroids, we need to prioritise our collective efforts to protect the Earth. Become an Asgardian in less than 5 minutes. Read the Constitution of Asgardia. Donor of the day. San Antonio, United States. Donor of the month.

  1. Lesson Plans Anecdotes of Destiny and Ehrengard;
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  3. Blackberry Summer.
  4. Sacred Sins;
  5. The Spectrum of Social Time (Synthese Library).

Donor of the year. The full list of elected committee chairs for the first Parliament of Asgardia has been announced by the Speaker, Mr. In total, 17 nominations were received for 12 select committees. Four chair positions were contested through polling. Simple voting was held for the rest of eight committees for which a single nomination was received. The successful candidates took up their position as Chairs of the committees and nominated their Deputies.

All successful candidates are listed below. As news of the space nation continues to spread and Asgardia becomes more well-known, the number of followers and residents has been steadily increasing.

Space Nation

Today Asgardia surpassed one million registered followers. If you want to be the first to know about what's new in Asgardia, we invite you to sign up for our official Telegram Chanel. On our channel, we regularly publish links to the latest materials that appear on Asgardia. It is an irreplaceable source of interesting and actionable content about the events in Asgardia and other related topics of interest.

Asgardia - The Space Nation

See you on Telegram! You have spent 15 years working for the European Space Agency in The Netherlands, wrote popular books for children and adults about space, gave public lectures, and now you are one of the key people in Asgardia. I truly consider that sway of the wings of Ray Bradbury's butterfly is just about the most logical and rational way to explain how I ended up in space domain.

At the time I just graduated as an MSc engineer. They needed an engineer who could do translation.

Asgardia is the first-ever space nation — a global humanitarian project for everyone on the planet

I was at the right place in the right time I guess. I was offered the job. Do you see any connection?

I see a link with destiny. My grandfather Ernst - and my physicist father, Uno - inspired me to study the cosmos since my childhood. In that sense, I suppose my involvement with Asgardia was written in the stars. The chance to combine what I have learned across 35 years in politics with what I have learned in 45 years of astronomical research is a unique opportunity. I hope that my father and Grandfather would both be proud of my service to Asgardia. Perhaps, in the future, Asgardians will even help to answer some of the questions my Grandfather asked about the solar system, and the Oort Cloud which he originally predicted.

I feel a deep commitment to humanity. It is a great responsibility with history because Asgardia, as the first Space Nation, will make history.

Inauguration of Asgardia’s First Head of Nation from Hofburg Vienna

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Space Nation Space Nation
Space Nation Space Nation
Space Nation Space Nation
Space Nation Space Nation
Space Nation Space Nation
Space Nation Space Nation
Space Nation Space Nation

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