Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)

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Accepted in European Journal of Physics. European Journal of Physics 38, Magic wavelengths, matrix elements, polarizabilities, and lifetimes of Cs. Safronova , Charles W. A 94, An undergraduate laboratory experiment on measuring the velocity of light with a catastrophic machine. Referee recommendations are taken into account. Canonical Horizontal Visibility Graphs are uniquely determined by their degree sequence. Bartolo Luque , Lucas Lacasa. Raman transitions between hyperfine clock states in a magnetic trap.

Data Structures and Algorithms cs. CE ; Medical Physics physics. Irrelevance of Bell's Theorem for experiments involving correlations in space and time: Computer Physics Communications , 42 -- 47, How the instant collapse of a spatially-extended quantum state is consistent with relativity of simultaneity. Discrimination of nuclear and electronic recoil events using plasma effect in germanium detectors. Journal of Instrumentation, Volume 11, P, July On the kernel and particle consistency in smoothed particle hydrodynamics.

Submitted to Journal of Applied Numerical Mathematics. NA ; Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics astro-ph. CO ; Astrophysics of Galaxies astro-ph. GA ; Computational Physics physics. Generalized solutions of the Dirac equation, W bosons, and beta decay. Star-shaped Oscillations of Leidenfrost Drops. Fluids 2, Flow sensing by buckling monitoring of electrothermally actuated double-clamped micro beams. Ponderomotive laser channelling and multi-channelling in homogeneous underdense plasma.

The R source code based on the igraph library for the measures described in this article is freely available on GitHub: SI ; Statistics Theory math. ST ; Physics and Society physics. Inviscid instability of an incompressible flow between rotating porous cylinders to three-dimensional perturbations. Konstantin Ilin , Andrey Morgulis. A new section dealing with viscous effects has been added. Information-Probabilistic description of the Universe. The version accepted by Int. Cylindrical lateral depth-sensing indentation testing of thin transversely isotropic elastic films: Incompressible and weakly compressible materials.

Hamiltonian approach to Ehrenfest expectation values and Gaussian quantum states. Esther Bonet-Luz , Cesare Tronci. A, , no. Mathematical Physics math-ph ; Chemical Physics physics. Cavity optomagnonics with spin-orbit coupled photons. Quantum Physics quant-ph ; Optics physics. Resummed mean-field inference for strongly coupled data. Hugo Jacquin , A. Disordered Systems and Neural Networks cond-mat. Richard Blender , Gualtiero Badin.

Coupling of four-wave mixing and Raman scattering by ground-state atomic coherence. Generalization of the Kohn-Sham system that can represent arbitary one electron density matrices. Hubertus J J van Dam. Muon capture on light isotopes in Double Chooz. Kaether , et al. C 93, Dichroic atomic vapor laser lock with multi-gigahertz stabilization range. Published in Review of Scientific Instruments How can one sample images with sampling rates close to the theoretical minimum?

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition cs. CV ; Optics physics. Limits on the ions temperature anisotropy in turbulent intracluster medium. Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics astro-ph. HE ; Plasma Physics physics. Bidirectional conversion between microwave and light via ferromagnetic magnons.

B 93, Quantum Physics quant-ph ; Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics cond-mat. Quasi-stable injection channels in a wakefield accelerator. Mara Wiltshire-Turkay , John P. Farmer , Alexander Pukhov. Plasmas 23, From splashing to bouncing: Klein Schaarsberg , Ivo R. Zhang , Heinrich M. E 93, Soft Condensed Matter cond-mat. Enhanced nonlinear refractive index in epsilon-near-zero materials.

Di Falco , J. Numerical Stability of Generalized Entropies. The Search for Directed Intelligence. Submitted to Reviews in Human Space Exploration. IM ; Earth and Planetary Astrophysics astro-ph. EP ; Popular Physics physics. Leaders should not be conformists in evolutionary social dilemmas. Attila Szolnoki , Matjaz Perc. SI ; Populations and Evolution q-bio. Nucleon matrix elements from lattice QCD with all-mode-averaging and a domain-decomposed solver: Georg von Hippel , Thomas D. Rae , Eigo Shintani , Hartmut Wittig.

B Super Bloch Oscillation in a PT symmetric system. To appear in Phys. A A nonlinear small-deformation theory for transient droplet electrohydrodynamics. Debasish Das , David Saintillan. An online code in MATLAB that reproduces the results in this paper is available on request by emailing dstn at ucsd dot edu. Towards the compression of parton densities through machine learning algorithms. New face-centered photonic square lattices with flat bands. Yiqi Zhang , Milivoj R. Annals of Physics, , The arithmetic geometry of resonant Rossby wave triads. AG ; Fluid Dynamics physics.

Ultracold chemical reactions of a single Rydberg atom in a dense gas. Greene 2 1 5. X 6, Measuring the evolution of contemporary western popular music. Supplementary materials not included. Please see the journal reference or contact the authors. Scientific Reports 2, SD ; Information Retrieval cs. IR ; Multimedia cs. MM ; Physics and Society physics. The African Review of Physics 9: McMahon , Kristiaan De Greve.

Mureika , John W. Moffat , Mir Faizal. Title changed slightly; new section on BH entropy corrections added; matches version published in PLB. B , General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology gr-qc. Results of the Baikal experiment on observations of macroscopic nonlocal correlations in reverse time.

In Unified Field Mechanics, R. Production and characterization of a dual species magneto-optical trap of cesium and ytterbium. Biophysical Reviews and Letters, Vol. Naden , Michael R. On-chip generation and control of the vortex beam. On the relationship between the modifications to the Raychaudhuri equation and the canonical Hamiltonian structures. Parampreet Singh , S. Discussion on uniqueness added, and possible links with existing models expanded. Periodicity for 'generalized polymerized' theory and its comparison with standard polymerization discussed. To appear in CQG. Grav 33 Anomalous dimensionality dependence of diffusion in a rugged energy landscape: How pathological is one dimension?

Vibrational spectroscopy via the Caldeira-Leggett model with anharmonic system potentials. Fabian Gottwald , Sergei D. Observation of gamma ray bursts at ground level under the thunderclouds. Physics Letters B, , pp. High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena astro-ph. Quantum metamaterials in the microwave and optical ranges. Zagoskin , Didier Felbacq , Emmanuel Rousseau. LaTex2e, 29 pages, no tables, 1 figure, references. Accepted for publication in Physics of the Dark Universe Phys.

Closed-orbit theory for photodetachment in a time-dependent electric field. Versatile electric fields for the manipulation of ultracold NaK molecules. Characterizing anomalous diffusion in crowded polymer solutions and gels over five decades in time with variable-lengthscale fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Banks , Charmaine Tressler , Robert D. Soft Matter 12, Old Game, New Rules: Rethinking The Form of Physics. Capillary Breakup of a Liquid Bridge: Identifying Regimes and Transitions.

Yuan Li , James E. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Zaeem ul Haq Bhatti. C 76, Magnetic Influences on the Solar Wind Ph. Dissertation accepted by Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, pages double-spaced pt font. Solar and Stellar Astrophysics astro-ph. SR ; Space Physics physics. An inequality for longitudinal and transverse wave attenuation coefficients. Analytic study of a coupled Kerr-SBS system. To appear, Communications in nonlinear science and numerical simulation. PS ; Plasma Physics physics. X 7, Statistical properties of Cherenkov and quasi-Cherenkov superradiance.


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Fourier analysis of RGB fringe-projection profilometry and robust phase-demodulation methods against crosstalk distortion. Optics Express 24 14 , Reproducible and replicable CFD: Olivier Mesnard , Lorena A. Supplementary materials in this https URL. The mixed-phase version of moist-air entropy. Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics physics. Spectral analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations using the combination matrix. Cheung , Tamer A. Phonon transport in single-layer Boron nanoribbons. The damped oscillating propagation of the compensating self-accelerating beams.

The laws of Newton and Coulomb as information transmission by virtual particles. Problems of Information Transmission, , v. Mathematical Physics math-ph ; Classical Physics physics. Coherent perfect absorption mediated enhancement of transverse spin in a gap plasmon guide. Samyobrata Mukherjee , S. Zhongbo Yan , Zhong Wang. Strongly Correlated Electrons cond-mat.

High perfomance selectable value transportable high dc Voltage standard. Beams 20, Hanbury-Brown and Twiss effect without quantum interference in photon counting regime. Curvilinear polyhedra as dynamical arenas, illustrated by an example of self-organized locomotion. Shankar Ghosh , A. Bhattacharya , Nitin Nitsure. New title, improved exposition and additional figures.

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Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems nlin. AO ; Soft Condensed Matter cond-mat. A four dimensional map for escape from resonance: Single-photon absorber based on strongly interacting Rydberg atoms. Atomic metasurfaces for manipulation of single photons. Laser structuring for control of coupling between THz light and phonon modes.

Optical force on diseased blood cells: A hybrid multiscale coarse-grained method for dynamics on complex networks. Parallel preconditioners for high order discretizations arising from full system modeling for brain microwave imaging. On the angular dependence of the photoemission time delay in helium. Modelling and closed loop control of near-field acoustically levitated objects. Submitted to Mechanical systems and signal processing.

Social contagions on time-varying community networks. E 95, Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer, 7, p. Mattia Serra , George Haller. DS ; Fluid Dynamics physics. An explicit relaxation filtering framework based upon Perona-Malik anisotropic diffusion for shock capturing and subgrid scale modeling of Burgers turbulence. Romit Maulik , Omer San. A directly phase-modulated light source.

Modelling a network where the opinion of each unit varies according to a majority ruling of its neighbouring units. Cellular Automata and Lattice Gases nlin. CG ; Physics and Society physics. Electrophobic Scalar Boson and Muonic Puzzles. Nuclear Fusion 56, Minor clarifications, additions, and typo corrections. Software to reproduce the numerical results is available at: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, volume 15, issue 2, , Classical Analysis and ODEs math.

CA ; Chemical Physics physics. Diffusion of Rb atoms in paraffin - coated resonant vapor cells. Forman curvature for directed networks. Added new results in this version. Nonlinear waves in the terrestrial quasi-parallel foreshock. Empirical probability model of the cold plasma environment in Jovian inner magnetosphere. Multiplexed entangled photon sources for all fiber quantum networks. On optimal filtering of measured Mueller matrices. Contagion on complex networks with persuasion.

Scientific Reports 6, Light guiding above the light line in arrays of dielectric nanospheres. Bulgakov , Dmitrii N. Track reconstruction through the application of the Legendre Transform on ellipses. Room-temperature exciton-polaritons with two-dimensional WS2. Flatten , Zhengyu He , David M.

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Coles , Aurelien A. Trichet , Alex W. Powell , Robert A. Taylor , Jamie H.

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Warner , Jason M. Non-Hermitian acoustic metamaterial for the complete control of sound by accessing the exceptional points. Physical Review E 90, Peter Cihon , Taha Yasseri. Mini-review paper, 10 pages. A relativistically exact Eikonal equation for optical fibers with application to adiabatically deforming ring interferometers. Joseph Avron , Oded Kenneth.

Photonic light trapping in silicon nanowire arrays: Schmitt , Silke H. Distributed chaos tuned to large scale coherent motions in turbulence. Holographic imaging through a scattering medium by diffuser-aided statistical averaging. Purcell , Manish Kumar , Stephen C. Rand , Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan. Characterization of Saturn's bow shock: Magnetic field observations of quasi-perpendicular shocks. Accepted in Journal of Geophysical Research: Test of scintillating bars coupled to Silicon Photomultipliers for a charged particle tracking device.

Degli Esposti , I. Vector cylindrical harmonics for low-dimensional convection models. Kelley , Eric G. Hard X-ray morphology of the X1. Dynamics of Air Transport Networks: A Review from a Complex Systems Perspective. Luis Enrique Correa Rocha. Comments and suggestions welcomed. Microcavity design for low threshold polariton condensation with ultrashort optical pulse excitation.

Optica 3 Topologically robust transport of entangled photons in a 2D photonic system. Dynamics under radiation damping from ab initio formalism -nonlocal restraint on acceleration runaway from radiation recoil in electrodynamics. A new approach to detect the boundaries of interplanetary events. Cristiana Dumitrache , Nedelia A. Romanian Astronomical Journal, Vol. Added two new sections 7 and 8. Section 7 appeared in v8 but has been updated for the present version.

ArXiv v10 corresponds to the publication in Found. The new sections to be submitted as a sequel. Synergetic and redundant information flow detected by unnormalized Granger causality: Time arrow is influenced by the dark energy. CO ; Statistical Mechanics cond-mat. Statistical Analysis of Bus Networks in India.

Marzioni , et al. CO ; Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics astro-ph. Three-body systems in physics of cold atoms and halo nuclei. E 25 Nuclear Theory nucl-th ; Quantum Gases cond-mat. Assessment of the accuracy of coupled cluster perturbation theory for open-shell systems. Eriksen , Devin A. Towards thermal noise free optomechanics. Uploaded revised version upon considerations of the referees selected at Journal of Physics D: Extracting Information from Multiplex Networks.

Jacopo Iacovacci , Ginestra Bianconi. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science Mechanical wave momentum from the first principles. A Roadmap to Interstellar Flight. Earth and Planetary Astrophysics astro-ph. EP ; Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics astro-ph.

IM ; Popular Physics physics. Atomic and Molecular Clusters physics. Asymmetric exchange in flocks. On the relation between plausibility logic and the maximum-entropy principle: PR ; Information Theory cs. The Strength of Varying Tie Strength. This paper replaces an earlier one with the title "Network Diversity and Economic Development" [ arXiv: American Journal of Sociology Geometry-induced Casimir suspension of oblate bodies in fluids. Dalvit , Federico Capasso , Steven G. Other Condensed Matter cond-mat.

Gregorio Landi , Giovanni E. Dispersion relations of strained as well as complex Lieb lattices. The edge state is controversial and the density of state should be discussed, therefore we plan to withdraw it for a promotion. Schwinger's Quantum Action Principle: From Dirac's formulation through Feynman's path integrals, the Schwinger-Keldysh method, quantum field theory, to source theory. Very substantially updated version of Quantum Physics quant-ph ; History and Philosophy of Physics physics.

Van Mechelen , N. Van Remortel , A.

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  7. Van Spilbeeck , P. De Lentdecker , D. Vander Velde , P. Abu Zeid , F. De Bruyn , J. Van Mulders , G. Van Onsem , I. Van Parijs , D. De Callatay , C. Du Pree , L. Giammanco , et al. Particle creation and non-equilibrium thermodynamical prescription of dark fluids for universe bounded by an event horizon.

    Astrophysics and Space Science , Quantum interferences reconstruction with low homodyne detection efficiency.

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    EPJ Quantum Technology 3: Single-pulse dynamics and flow rates of inertial micropumps. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, v. Theory of high pressure hydrogen, made simple. Cogent Physics, , 2: Janus Juul Eriksen , Devin A. Rotational relaxation time as unifying time scale for polymer and fiber drag reduction. Accepted for publication in PRE. A Classical Irreversible Thermodynamics Approach. Shams Es-haghi , M. Numerical studies of the scattering of light from a two-dimensional randomly rough interface between two dielectric media. Hetland , Alexei A.

    Maradudin , Tor Nordam , Ingve Simonsen. The physical principles underpinning self-organization in plants. Philip Turner , Laurent Nottale. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Volume , January , Pages Christodoulides , Min Xiao. From liquid crystal models to the guiding-center theory of magnetized plasmas. Advances in Space Research, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. Adhikari , Antun Balaz. PS ; Computational Physics physics. Large-surface-area diamond crystal plates for applications in high-heat-load wavefront-preserving x-ray crystal optics. Cell contractility facilitates alignment of cells and tissues to static uniaxial stretch.

    Rens , Roeland M. Biophysical Journal 4: CB ; Soft Condensed Matter cond-mat. Torsional optomechanics of a levitated nonspherical nanoparticle. Sauer , Charles A. CV ; Optimization and Control math. OC ; Medical Physics physics. Eigenvalue dynamics in the presence of non-uniform gain and loss. Alexander Cerjan , Shanhui Fan. Improved limits on interactions of low-mass spin-0 dark matter from atomic clock spectroscopy. Schistosoma mansoni cercariae exploit an elastohydrodynamic coupling to swim efficiently. Sensitivity of atom interferometry to ultralight scalar field dark matter.

    Geraci , Andrei Derevianko. Modeling and detecting change in temporal networks via a dynamic degree corrected stochastic block model. Wilson , Nathaniel T. Stevens , William H. ME ; Social and Information Networks cs. Distributed data processing and analysis environment for neutron scattering experiments at CSNS.

    Construction of nuclear envelope shape by a high-genus vesicle with pore-size constraint. Superlens induced loss-insensitive optical force. Xiaohan Cui , Shubo Wang , C. Laser-based X-ray and electron source for X-ray fluorescence studies. Valle Brozas , A. Investigation of resonances in gravity-capillary wave turbulence. Quentin Aubourg , Nicolas Mordant. Fluids 1, Flow field from transient bubble oscillation in a narrow gap: Enhancement of electron hot spot relaxation in photoexcited plasmonic structures by thermal diffusion. B 94, Limits on Non-Linear Electrodynamics.

    D 95, Topological transition in coated wire medium. Gorlach , Mingzhao Song , Alexey P. Slobozhanyuk , Andrey A. Bogdanov , Pavel A. Efficient dynamical correction of the transition state theory rate estimate for a flat energy barrier. Scaling laws and flow structures of double diffusive convection in the finger regime. Design of a plasmonic near-field tip for super-resolution IR-imaging. Schmidt , Martina Havenith. Howland , James Schneeloch , Daniel J. Lum , John C. ACS Photonics, , 3 Nanostructure-induced distortion in single-emitter microscopy. On the construction of Tesla transformers.

    Period of oscillation and self-inductance of the coil. Zur construction von Teslatransformatoren. Schwingungsdauer und Selbstinduction von Drahtspulen. Includes parts I and II. History and Philosophy of Physics physics. Cosmological Constant in the Thermodynamic Models of Gravity. Merab Gogberashvili , Ucha Chutkerashvili. On the mass of atoms in molecules: Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. Gross , Rodolphe Vuilleumier. Xin Yuan , Yanqing Hu , H. Eugene Stanley , Shlomo Havlin. Evading Weinberg's no-go theorem to construct mass dimension one fermions: High Energy Physics - Theory hep-th.

    A scanning drift tube apparatus for spatio-temporal mapping of electron swarms. A discussion on approximations for the determination of the maximum period of a simple pendulum. The nature of relaxation processes revealed by the action signals of phase modulated light fields. Windberger 1 and 2 , F.

    Optical precursors : from classical waves to single photons

    Torretti 1 and 3 , A. Borschevsky 4 , A. Ryabtsev 5 and 6 , S. Dobrodey 2 , H. Bekker 2 , E. Eliav 7 , U. Kaldor 7 , W. Ubachs 1 and 3 , R. Hoekstra 1 and 8 , J. Guiding catalytically active particles with chemically patterned surfaces. Serious limitations of the strong equivalence principle. The connection between Dirac dynamic and parity symmetry.

    Coronado Villalobos , R. Europhysics Letters Extra-dimensional confinement of quantum particles. Physics Essays, 25, No. Transition matrix from a random walk. Expanded from first version May 4, , with additional examples. Brief note added; accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters. Analytical expression for the convolution of a Fano line profile with a Gaussian. Refined version, old figure removed, new figure, new references, expanded discussion, accepted for publication by the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer.

    Stronger limits on hypothetical Yukawa interactions in the nm range.

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    New version, 5 pages, 5 figures. Accepted in Physical Review Letters. Burdick , John L. Bohn , Benjamin L. A 92, ; erratum: A 93, E Cognitive mechanisms for human flocking dynamics. Seth Frey , Robert L. High-density hyperuniform materials can be transparent. The prevalence of small world networks explained by modeling the competing dynamics of local signaling events in geometric networks.

    Updated version of the paper. MN ; Dynamical Systems math. DS ; Physics and Society physics. The topology of large Open Connectome networks for the human brain. Scientific Reports 6 Neurons and Cognition q-bio. Laboure , Ryan G. McClarren , Cory D. In this resubmission, the eigenspectrum study in the streaming limit was removed. Interaction of microwave photons with nanostructured magnetic metasurfaces. Applied 5, Noether's Theorem and its Complement: A Gateway to Particle Interaction.

    Integrated cooling channels in position-sensitive silicon detectors. Perello Rosello , M. Actuator line modeling of vertical-axis turbines. Is it "natural" to expect Economics to become a part of the Natural Sciences? Special Topics GN ; Physics and Society physics. Comments on interactions in the SUSY models. Final version, to appear in EPJC. Hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in boron nitride for near-field optical imaging.

    Kretinin , Joshua D. Caldwell , Kostya S. Nature Communications, 6, Robertson , Dmitri K. Efetov , Solomon Assefa , Frank H. Koppens , James Hone , Dirk Englund. Nano Letters 15 11 , Wave turbulence buildup in a vibrating plate. European Physical Journal B vol. CD ; Fluid Dynamics physics. Near-to-far field transformations for radiative and guided waves. ACS Photonics,3, Considerations on the radio emission from extended air showers. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05 Radio-frequency-modulated Rydberg states in a vapor cell.

    Miller , David A. Anderson , Georg Raithel.

    Detection and Removal of Artifacts in Astronomical Images. Accepted for publication in Astronomy and Computing. Astronomy and Computing 16, 67 Local density approximation in site-occupation embedding theory. Jyoti Prasad Deka , Amarendra K. CD ; Classical Physics physics. Dominik Derigs , Andrew R. Winters , Gregor J. Gassner , Stefanie Walch. Astrophysics of Galaxies astro-ph. GA ; Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics astro-ph. IM ; Computational Physics physics. EP ; Astrophysics of Galaxies astro-ph.

    Practical engineering of hard spin-glass instances. Fixed mistake in online title. Changed one sentence in abstract slightly, for better readability. Updated References removed duplicates, added footnote. Modified figure font sizing for readability. Fabrication, characterisation, modelling and simulation at the micro- and macro-scale PDF.

    Reviews of Plasma Physics: Experiences of Plasma Physics, quantity 23, offers top of the range experiences from the state of the art of Russian plasma physics research: Lisitsa, is dedicated to a unified description of the atomic center polarization results within the free-free, free-bound and bound-bound transitions of the charged debris within the box of multielectron atom.

    Nuclear and Particle Physics presents an introductory direction on nuclear and particle physics for undergraduate and early-graduate scholars, which the writer has taught for numerous years on the college of Zurich. Thisnew variation provides the basic theoretical and analytical tools wanted tounderstand the hot fusion examine of tokamak and trade ways. Theauthor describes magnetohydrodynamic and kinetic theories of chilly and hotplasmas intimately. The ebook covers new vital issues for fusion stories akin to plasma transportby waft turbulence, which rely on the magnetic configuration and zonal flows.

    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
    Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics) Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons (SpringerBriefs in Physics)

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