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One of my favorite Poems in this book is Changes, and when you read it you will know why. The name Blueprints is self-explanitory. I chose this name because it forms a bond around everything written inside. We must blueprint our life now, otherwise in the future we will be left wondering how, when, or what happened.

Blueprints can save a life from pain and unhappiness. Just as a house is built, there are Blueprints and a plan so that construction can begin on a solid foundation. That way when it's complete, or, "At The Top," it's much harder to fall down because it was Blueprinted. Blueprint your life now as I have Blueprinted this book and remember. It's never too late. This book isn't to make it's readers distrust their Loved ones, but only to let the truth be told. In many organisms proteins form the very structure of the living creature, but even in plants -- where the structures are built more from sugars -- proteins perform the functions that allow an organism to live.

Each type of organism, and each organ within a complex organism, is defined by the proteins of which it is composed. So whatever organizes the proteins in a living being is providing the blueprint for building that organism. DNA does just that: DNA is a long, double stranded molecule that consists of two single molecular chains wrapped around each other.

Each strand consists of a series of bases connected to each other through a backbone of sugar molecules. There are four different bases: They are very frequently referred to simply by their first initials: The order of those bases on a strand of DNA is called the sequence. The sequence on one strand of DNA is matched by a complementary sequence on its opposite, matched strand.

A is matched with T and C is matched with G. African woman Daughter of Eve's. Black woman Daughter of Africa. African woman My Mandingo bride. Nigerian woman My Yoruba Queen. Envied by the women of Oman, Cafe ou lair, cream of Africa's cream!

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Warrior woman, Queen of Wakanda. Come and flip your wand, Find the soul of Sarafina. My Lormah woman Oyobuays marvels at your structure. Beautiful woman, Perpetual envy of the silicon woman. Pride of the Black man, The essence of a real woman. Indigo Woman Lillies of the African plains. Thou are Eve of the African Eden, Best of the portraits that nature paints.


'Blueprint' poems - Hello Poetry

Voluptous woman, Full, thick natural lips. Real assert of the Black woman, Nature gets aroused by your hips. Ellen Sirleaf, today's woman, Africa's first female president. A Liberian woman, Loved and revered wherever she went. Smile ,Gambian woman, You're daughter of Sarakunda. Roots of the Black American woman, Captives of the kanda Bolinga. Dark ebony woman, You are red, yellow and green. Hanmatan wind stops at your command, Born to slay and be seen. Your perpetual beauty transcends time and Season.

African woman, Under your cleavage, the Nile flows And between your fingers, golden threads are woven, You are the reason Beyonce glows. Harriet Tubman, brave woman Smuggled slaves underground.

Creative woman Maya Angelou, gifted poetess. Famous writer and a Black woman Will be remembered for her poetic prowess. Native African woman, Africa's limestone and cement. A mother, a wife, virtuous woman, Lioness and the spine of the continent. Liberian woman Roots of my poetry, you gave me life You are every woman. Your edges are sharper than the Sumarais knife.

Persephone V Martinez Oct My broken heart wrote this. Love is like a disease it spreads. Hatred is an itch when you keep Scratching it. It Fester an kills you. When i think about the things I've said. It turns my in sides out. My heart combust An I hate myself. Why are I not enough.

Jesus said my sheep know my voice!

Denial will have you walk for miles. Sorrow is a sweet after taste of a sucker punch of truth. Loneliness is only a symptom. An that to will pass. I am a enigma of feeling. I cry when the rain falls to hard. When the wind blows in the wrong directions. I'm also a stepping stone. The men I've let erase my soul an rewrite my blueprint. The salty tears I cry are almost symbiotic. Like a sonnet short an sweet. Running in a circle walking a fine line. Is it a crime to work 9 to 9. Roller coaster emotinal train wreck. An I think to myself who will love me.

I bare myself to the pit an it asks me if I'll jump. I reply not today.

Blueprints - Poetry for Life (Hardcover)

Slumped down I step closer to the edge. I reenact self destructive behaviors daily. Am I considered an addict. I seek validation from namless phantoms. I named them my self conscious. Are you listening my beating heart gets louder. I order cream an chowder.

Reading DNA

Sips slow on estacy. I'm smothered in one while I'm blocked to the other. Exits are closed off I think where is my mother. I shudder remembering I'm alone. I wrote this when my bestfriend who I had been in love with since the age of 14 broke my heart completely. When he said he wanted to be just friends. I was devastated cause I loved him an my feeling where innocent. I let him use my body an he careless broke my heart it hurt an I'm still healing from it.

Cody Reggio-Brown Oct Mirror, mirror Laced in fear Dictate my life I'm meant to steer Consequence in wine and beer Seek a journey I can't be near My thoughts of glass Are limber and shattered With the sledgehammer of past To be crushed and mentally scattered I found the pieces I put them together I struggle to remember it forever The pains of my action The results of my distraction The screams of my endeavor To serve my mindless faction Draft me An architectural blueprint To serve my life in death And live as a hollow mint I've done the job To be ached as sin To hold the weapon of man And peel the thought like skin As a cover of wrong and thought of different I shoot my thoughts of new and inherent To be on the winning side and walk away the crow Is to peck the skin of the dying and reap what I sow.

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  • The second half of my military poetry. I grew up in a family that fought for causes they were paid the believe in. To put that kind of admittance into words in beyond me. Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions. Emeka Mokeme Aug The day of your life and the night of your day, which one is more important and relevant to you. Both have their place in the scheme of things.

    The two worlds are busy working and building, constructing in conjunction with the divine to create a masterpiece of wonder.

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    • It's really not in your place to control any of them but to work with both. They move subtly to construct, sometimes with aggression to change and balance all things, with or without you. Actually you have no choice or control in their decisions. Man becomes helpless and hopeless when they begin to exact their power of supremacy.

      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life) Blueprints (poetry for life)
      Blueprints (poetry for life)

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