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This room has about twenty people in it: There will be stories, songs, dances. There will be stillness, inexplicable beauty, the expression of complex emotions, gorgeous language, comedy, earnestness, and tears. Rinde Eckert has been in such rooms all his life making provocative work. Join us as we venture into this creation of a new theatrical piece! In Bulrusher was born in Boonville, California and abandoned to a raft floating down a river, much like Moses.

Found and raised by a white man, Bulrusher is protected from the outside until a stranger comes to town and changes everything for this happy, free and magical child. Pulitzer Prize nominee Eisa Davis raises questions in her play about what it really means to be family, free and loved. Self-proclaimed cynic Flora Belle Buckman is ten years old and loves comic books. When she sees a squirrel about to be vacuumed up by her neighbor, she jumps into action to save him, like any good comic book hero would do.

The squirrel, who she names Ulysses, emerges from the vacuum endowed with super powers of flight and poetry. Harry Witherspoon sets off to Monte Carlo to collect an inheritance from an American uncle he's never met, but his uncle's ex-girlfriend and the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn can stand in his way. Someone is in love. Someone just wants to help. Caryl Churchill's Love and Information gives us a peek into the lives of humans in their most banal, profound, small, and epic moments.

Moments that reveal or obfuscate, illuminate or confuse. A dizzying exploration of our pursuit for connection and understanding that is brutally honest and unabashedly hopeful. Do you love Boston theater as much as we do? Hey Performing Arts students! Watch your Emerson email for all info, and a link to the sign-up form. Audition sign-ups will be live on August 1 - keep an eye on your Emerson email for more details. For some related reading, see this transcript below from a Theatre History Podcast interview with Dr.

Nora Williams, about her Measure for Measure-based devised work. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Beatrice offers help, and it transpires that, for Jon, whose wife died of leukaemia while he was with another woman, the painting tells his own story. His guilt makes life no longer worth living.

Beatrice, though, has her own haunting secret and through their awkward attempts at understanding, the pair develop a rapport and improvise a touching scene between the painter and his model, to the amazement of startled tourists. Their salvation comes in the form of their new love Not being able to take it any longer when the old lady begins to cry, Michael intervenes by giving the man a harsh reprimand that he feels may help him and his situation.

Michael and Laura, wanting to know the gist of the conversation, hide behind a tree and watch. Michael and Laura, come from behind the tree, and continue their walk down the street, holding hands, as before, but now their steps have even more of a bounce to them. Milly is a troubled young woman in her twenties.

Although she has kept it quiet all this time, she has finally decided to seek help. She visits Dr Preston, an eminent psychiatrist to seek a solution for her troubles. But does she have an ulterior motive in visiting him? Performance for schools and groups about Tooth care. Written in a pantomime style with lots of interaction from the audience. There is also an apportunate to run a workshop at the end. Aimed at Infants up to 7.

We see an old lady bring on a tray of tea and call to her husband, Bill, who is apparently changing upstairs. She talks to herself and relives all the memories that the house holds for them as their children grew up Birds is an adaptation of the famous Greek Comedy of the same name. It takes the central characters- Me and You, through the world of the birds, and the Gods, and discusses how to set up an ideal society. Mary Miller: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

And whether that's anything like Milton Keynes When a young woman answers a voice mail and goes on a blind date she gets much much more, than she bargained for. A comedy about love, fate and death. The play is a fictional evocation of the ill-starred relationship in the early s etween Beatrice Potter and Joseph Chamberlain, the leading radical politician of his time. Beatrice later married Sidney Webb and the pair became renowned socialist writers and thinkers and founders of the London School of Economics. Her affair with Chamberlain is seen in flashback after Beatrice's memory is triggered by an entry in her diary.

The play opens in September in the Webb's home and ends with Beatrice listening to Joseph's son, Neville, the last person she encounters during the flashback on the wireless announcing Britain's declaration of war on Germany. A short skit about a guy called Bob, who goes to audition for a part in a play.

Bob appears to be extremely nervous, and possibly even slightly retarded, but his audition is greatly helped by his patient friend, Anne. A very funny skit, with a nice twist at the end. The Armstrong household is becoming a lunatic asylum. Bill spends most of his time in front of the television, while his wife, Mary fantasises over Brad Pitt. Mary's two brothers lodge with them as they both have acute bowel disorders. Betty Simpson and her pregnant daughter, Madonna complete this dysfunctional family in a microcosm of a family life in Newcastle.

Leanne, Bill and Mary's daughter, who is studying at a Finishing School in Switzerland arrives home unexpectedly after receiving a letter saying her family had problems. She has turned into a right little madam is totally disgusted with her family and wants nothing to do with them. A mysterious Doctor arrives and tells Leanne he'd sent the letter and her father is dying of cancer.

After flashbacks when Leanne was a little girl, she reverts to her North-Eastern roots and sees her father's impeding death and her family in a new light.. For obvious reasons Bobby Jones, the Chairman, is convinced she's just the attraction the club is looking for to pull it from the abyss of extinction. Dot Savage, the club secretary, is not impressed with her attributes or her acting ability or Bobby's reason for staging the play.

As members assemble for the first read through tempers flare. After twenty-five years in the TV soap. He is unable to come to terms with his character being killed off along with his screen family. New producer, Kelvin Martin, known infamously and the soap butcher, has slaughtered characters carte blanche.

Adger, William John

Unbeknown to to him, a family get together is taking place on the series set. As art seems to be imitating life, tragically life begins to imitate art. Kelvin walks onto the set and is confronted by the Price family in character, along with, Louise the director, who's been cajoled into playing Harry's niece from Australia. As life and art intermingle, Owen reveals the darker side of Kelvin. This is a black comedy drama with sinister undertones.

This annoys his girlfriend, Penelope to no end. Cancelled - an award winning one act farce set in a 's radio station by M. When it is discovered that the producer of the show, Walter St. It all falls hilariously apart as the actors struggle to produce a whole show with only a few pages of script, no sound man and a gun pointed at their heads. Set in a villiage bakery as the shop closes after a busy Saturday. Cathy, the owner, hosts an impromtu dinner party for her teenage sales assistant Mary, and her pregnant friend Jo.

They share their hopes and fears as the evening progresses.

Confessions lead to Cathy's revelation of a painful secret from her past. A touching comedy drama. Rachael Miller is awoken one Saturday morning from under the duvet of a double air-bed to the dulcet tones of the past British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, declaring war on Germany. She is in a virtually empty room. Why is she there and who is the man standing over her in a s suit and trilby? Why is she still fully clothed? Why is there a sealed packet of condoms on the small bedside table? Why was the FTSE index at points in and points in ? What was Rachel drinking the previous evening and what is a Psychic Medium Analyst?

Does Callum Jenkins have all the answers? When she slowly gathers her thoughts, she realises the he knows more about her than she does. What has the disappearance of little Ann-Marie and the murder of Callum's wife in ? As she slowly recounts the events of the previous evening, the absurdity of her situation and surroundings become abundantly clear.

Choice is a hard hitting British drama script involving a woman, a man and a small boy. Choice has been performed in Swindon and London and is about to embark on a short tour. It is a very hard hitting piece that deals with events that come from an Operation Yewtree like event. The only venue that seems to be completely open is the local church of Satan. But they do have their reservations. The classic fairy tale of cinderella.

In a pantomime style but with no singing or dancing. Especially written for a drama group aged to perform. Fred Newman, a local government accountant, dreams of leaving his nagging wife and dead-end job and travelling the world. A heart attack and early retirement provide the opportunity to take off and head for his 'City of Dreams', Dallas, Texas. Here he meets a Mexican chambermaid who is also on the run but from different demons. For a while it looks as if they may become an 'item', but will they find the happiness they seek?

A middle aged man loses his grip taking care of two Alzheimers stricken parents when a group of bored teenagers turn their attentions to his house.

  1. Lorenzo, Mike?
  2. A igreja do diabo (Portuguese Edition).
  3. Learning to Drive the L Trent Way.
  4. Ethical Practice in Clinical Medicine.
  5. Conflict resolution.

Argo, a playwright in difficulties, tries to solve his problems with a low cost computer guided psychotherapy. He has troubles communicating with the cimputer, until a lady, Lissa, shows him what to do. The coimputer is operated by a nurse, Penny. Capital Punishment has been re-introduced in the United Kingdom and the military have taken over responsibility for executions.

As five men, who have never met before, assemble in a Holding cell, they each reflect on their current situation as they await their fate. As the final minutes slip away, they say their goodbyes as the staggered executions come and go. A man is adrift in a spacecraft in a future century, after the distruction of Earth.

He is alone, and is going mad with lonliness and dispair. Suddenly he hears evidence of another being trying to contact him. Initially overwhelmed with joy, he then begins to worry about his own safety, forcing him to make a decision: Coronation Fleet is a madcap comedy set on a spaceship sometime in the future. A visit from the Outer Far Space Tracking and Eradication Division inspectors is imminent, but the ineffectual Captain has other things on his mind - such as beating his personal best on his PS3! Bullying, drugs and broken down workstations add to the chaos and lead to a soap opera-style cliffhanger ending, as the inspectors suddenly bring their visit forward!

With the world's money markets in turmoil, Trevor and Julie Brown take drastic action after been made scapegoats of the banking industry. Grinding their highflying lifestyle to a standstill is the first hurdle to overcome as the bailiffs and creditors decend, leaving them nothing but memories and distress. They invite their close friends and colleagues, John and Angie Mason to move in with them after their house has been repossesed and the contents sold to pay off debts.

Unfortunately the Brown's daughter, Becky and the Mason's son, Josh have been in the Amazon basin for three months and arrive home unaware that the world is in recession meltdown and their parents have been forced into demeaning employment to survive. Misprisions and misunderstandings ensue. Cyril lives alone in a flat on the ninth floor of a London Council tower block. He is isolated and lonely, and has not recovered from the death of his wife twelve years ago. His social contact is limited to reluctant visits to a Jewish Seniors Luncheon Club and meeting his neighbours in the lift or at the local shops.

Afraid to leave his flat after dark, he feels a prisoner. Against this background he shares with the audience his spirited views on the failings of modern life. In addition though, he tells about the 's when as a strong and confident young man, he fought Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists who used to provoke the Jewish community in the East End of London with their anti-semitic rhetoric. In particular, Cyril describes taking part in the famous 'Battle of Cable Street' in when three thousand fascist Blackshirts were prevented from marching through the East End by a coalition of Jews, Communists and local workers.

His vivd memories and observations are expressed with humour and compassion, and a smattering of Yiddish just to spice things up a little. Prize-winner in several competitions All seems well as he waits to meet his sergeant for the next route variant but the sergeant never appears and as he waits we re-live, with him in flashbacks, the experiences that led to his present predicament.

The weather begins to take a turn for the worse and he's getting cold and hungry. In order to survive he must find something to eat. A tiny mouse appears near his rucksack - but can he kill and eat it? This script has a very dramatic ending and groups performing it have won several prizes in competitions throughout the country.

Rachel Miller is awoken, one Saturday morning from under the duvet of a double airbed, to the dulcet tones of British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, declaring war on Germany. Why is she there? Why is the room virtually empty? Who is the man standing over her with a mug of tea? Why is he dressed in a Nineteen Thirties suit and trilby? Why is there a sealed packet of condoms on the bedside table? What was Rachel drinking the night before? What is a Psychic Medium Analyst?

As Rachel slowly gathers her thoughts, she begins to realise that Callum knows more about her, than she knows about herself. What has the disappearance of little Ann-Marie in , and the murder of Callum's wife in , got to do with Rachel? As she slowly recounts the events of the last twelve hours, the initial absurdity of her situation and surroundings become abundantly clear.

What have Rachel and Callum got in common? Can they both finally bury the ghosts as they confront their problems head on? He is an ordinary fellow, with an ordinary job, in an ordinary office, in an ordinary building. He is also dead. Or that Heaven has lost his paperwork.

Or why he got hit by a Double Decker bus. Death of a Gerbil, a dark comedy won Best original script at the Franklin and Friends festival of one act plays. Two soldiers in Iraq arrive at a place where they suspect there to be a prominent member of Sadam's regime hiding in a "cellar" with a lid over it. They are there to take the man back to base or kill him if he resists. But the corporal wonders whether this is the best thing to do.

The private soldier is persuaded it is not. They have a moral dilemma and one of them is in danger. Mrs Billy Klein is preparing to celebrate her Jubilee wedding anniversary with her husband, but as she waits, a marriage is dissolving in next door's front garden and this housewife cannot help but cast her cold, cynical if hypocritical eye on the events. There are some things in life we don't talk about and one is suicide. The play opens in darkness as we see three men in overalls searching with torches for something on a railway line - they could be railway workers, they could be refuse collectors, but they are not.

They are in fact police officers at the scene of an horrific suicide. How do you cope with such a task? They each have their own way of coping with the trauma and the worst affected is their sergeant who doesn't have the courage to look into the bag, even when goaded by one of his brutish constables. Forced to stay there for the night they build a camp fire and as dawn breaks a child appears who has run away from home - he wants to know what's in the bag When Mark Draper has a headstone delivered to his flat with his name on it, he treats it as a practical joke.

When the undertaker rings for a convienient time to pick up his body he does not see the funny side. To make matters worse he has a visit from his great grandparents who were killed in the Second World War. As events unfold, he realizes he is either dead or the joke is wearing a bit thin. When his fiancee arrives with her husband, his best mate Brian something is definitely wrong. He sees them but they can't see him. When the mysterious Rachel makes an appearance, the events of his recently past life finally piece together.

Is it all a bad dream, will he wake up, or will he die forever? When actor Jeffrey tries to impress Michelle, the girl he's recently been dating, and at the same time polish his next role by playing a joke, the joke is on him when he mistakes their next door neighbor for Michelle's mother. Jamie Bartels returns home late one night from America to celebrate his 21st birthday with his parents.

He finds it a little strange to find his dad, Jack, smartly dressed. He reveals he's been murdered and time has slipped back one week and has been murdered by his wife. Unable to comprehend what the hell is going on, Jack shows him several events that will occur after he's been murdered and tells Jamie that if he agrees to help him they will never happen. Miles Bowen, a down and out, wakes up one morning in a drunken stupor, bent on committing suicide, He find himself sharing a derelict room with an equally drunken, Wendy Dobson. As they recount their lives, they both realise they were the victims of a sick perverted society.

George is a middle aged family man, who has recently joined a drama group. He has been forced into the lead role in a play about Dracula, and is worried about learning the part. He visits a hypnotist and returns home triumphant. Things deteriorate rapidly when George lapses into the part unknowingly. A bitter sweet comedy based around a man who is terminally ill in hospital he looks back at his life philosophically and is assisted in this by a childhood friend who comes to visit. The compelxities and regrets in life are explored inan up beat way.

Cast at least 4: The play begins with a Latino, named Jose, who becomes white only because he thinks that his life would improve tremendously. In his disillusionment, Jose comes across a white man, named Tom, who is in a Black man's body. Tom is trying to nderstand the minds and feelings of Black people. Both men encounter a third person who is nothing like either of them. She stands tall and is very direct under the guise of a human female's body.

Her name is Belle and she's a wolf. Her desire to be human is merely out of curiosity. What brings them to reevaluate life, society and self is the illumines presence of the moon. It is coming closer to the earth. No longer do they see each other as different but as parts of a whole in line with the pattern of the universe that they all equally share. Stephen Bright is and was a serious man, even as a teenager.

Back then he was a little surprised to find that Katie Sharp was intellectually his match. He was even more surprised when Lucy Heart told him about Katie's feelings for him. He finds others' distress bewildering. When he was young there was a dance craze called 'The Twist', Stephen recalls. He attempts it again, unsuccessfully. And who's Ernest Evans? That's one of those facts that Stephen found out. A contemporary take on the Andromeda myth. Andrea completes Percy's domestic dream, but until he returns from his quest, she is chained to a man eating sofa.

Only the ugly Queenie Gordon can break the spell. Why would someone go into an exam room and then apparently refuse to take the exam?

  1. Jimmy Page - Guitar Greats, the 1982 BBC Interview (Guitar Greats, The 1982 BBC Interviews Book 7);
  2. Mary Miller;
  3. Are You an Author?.

The play opens as the invigilators prepare. The students arrive, instructions are given and the examination begins but one girl comes in late and sullenly stands up in her place. She refuses to answer any questions and seems to be refusing to take the exam - why would she do such a thing when it is so important to her future? She is questioned first by her teachers, then by the Principal and finally the police are called.

She finally reveals why she is now against the rigidity of the exam system and the terrible stress that it creates. Class of students, two teachers, one female Principal, two police officers. Colin Spears is slowly picking up the pieces after divorcing his wife after 20 years of marriage. Now a one-parent family, the Spears household is slowly coming to terms with life without a matriach. His daughter Kate still can't believe what has happened, while son Sean accepts the situation and is leaving home to join the Royal Air Force.

Kate sees herself as a substitute mother and is becoming protective towards her father much to the dismay of brother Sean.. The situation comes to a head one night, when Colin brings home her best friend Stephanie, and tells Kate she is staying the night with him. The final straw comes when Stephanie moves in with Colin. This short one act play, is an excellent short festival play. A father confronts his unseen son who silently sells flags for a charity. This is the boy's way of "outing" himself to a narrow-minded bigot of a father. We see a dusty, disused fur-trapper's cabin in Canada and hear people approaching through the snow.

A small plane has crash-landed and a group of travellers arrive who are forced to spend the night together. They are an odd assortment of characters who are all on their way somewhere - a pregnant young woman and her partner on their way to see a specialist, a frail old man and his wife on their way to see their grandchildren, a doting mother and her precocious daughter on their way to a TV audition, a grumpy businessman on his way to his next deal and two police officers with their Native American prisoner on their way to court.

They are worried about the prisoner but in the end it is he who actually turns out to be their salvation. A dark comedy about two men whose backgrounds are entirely different yet are able to find some common ground by sharing the problems they are having with their girlfriends by flying a kite. Whilst he recalls a strange dream suggesting his own fascination with the RAF and WW2, his wife Monica, an assured, managing woman, announces plans, not just for the day ahead but for the rest of their lives.

Rodney seems distanced from it all. Jamie Bartels arrives home from America to celebrate his 21st birthday. He finds his father, Jack smartly dressed. He tells Jamie he is dead and that time has slipped back one week.. A series of incidents have occurred which culminates in his murder, by his wife and the death of a female friend in the bedroom. As the plot thickens, Jack takes Jamie through several situations, which Jamie can stop happening if he will take Jack's place at a crucial moment.

Time is running out as Jamie tries to grasp what the hell is going on. As a prize, Jamie is promised a permanent reunion with his dead girlfriend who froze to death in a walk-in freezer during a dirty weekend with Jamie some months earlier. As the crucial moment comes and passes, all hell breaks loose in the Bartel's household.

Will Jamie get his prize and will history repeat itself as real time is restored. First produced at Leeds Civic Theatre in , it was revised and staged as a radio play by Bingley Little Theatre in In it was awarded the Burton Prize and described by one critic as the best verse-play since 'Under Milk Wood. Four friends share food wine and secrets as they help Gemma - the hostess - get through the anniversary of her partners death. A study in friendship - more importanty - how, why and when we need our friends.

This play is for senior theatre. It focuses on six senior citizens in a small, interpersonal assisted living facility. For them, the future is either to go from the assisted living facility to a convalescent home or to a mortuary, or directly to a mortuary. The interaction of comedy, bittersweet reminiscence, and the sudden death of one member marks out the action in this play. Connie, a deeply troubled Vietnam War veteran, must finally confront the truth about how the brutality of that war changed forever his idealized childhood friendship.

The psychological shock of what happened to him in Vietnam caused him to retreat back to the innocence he knew prior to entering the military. Having spent years in a mental hospital with dead end therapy, he is released to his guardian, who lives next door to the family of the best friend Elliott Baylor that he lost in Vietnam. Deemed harmless, it is Connie's constant replay of events from his youth that bring about a confrontation with the mother and sister of Elliott; and thus, the revelation of the awful truth about Elliott's death.

Set in a court room it explores an event from a variety of different view each time getting exaggerated as each character puts their own spin on it. The tag line is "Sometimes it's better to judge for yourself. The same characters can even be played by other sexes as this lends itself very well to Brecht's technique of alienation. Originally written for a group of year olds to perform. A widow in a state of shock following a mind-numbing graveside revelation at her husband's funeral calls into a nearby pub' for a little sustenance.

Sharing her news with the genial and supportive landlord, he too bares his soul and they find they have empathy for each other's problems and much in common. Both part renewed and revived by the chance meeting. Death has a problem. Her name is Pamella Pilsborough. A clueless Pamella has become a murderer. With otherworldly intervention, Death entertains the audience; resurrecting past victims to wreak vengeance on Pamella and save him the time to do her in himself. Collection of four short one-act plays for children based on stories from the Grimm Brothers' collection.

The four stories are: Hansel is determined to fill in his I-Spy book of enchanted creatures so he suggests going into the haunted forest - something Gretel is unhappy about. Will he convince her to join him? A lively comedy pastiche in which well-known characters from the fantasy genre come together on a common quest - to prevent the evil 'he who cannot be named but is called Fred' from stealing the goblet of youth and gaining the power of everlasting life!

A blind sculptress, working on reconstructing a head from an unknown skull for her police detective sister, finds herself talking to a stranger in her flat. A ghost story, or is it? Heaven Help Me tells the story of a 'not so young' Joan who has met Harry at the doctor's surgery where she has a partime job. Harry has asked her to marry him she thinks! Some ghosts, who are in fact trainee angels, appear and give her some advice.

Poor Joan ends up more confused than ever! Cast at least 7: The play was very well received and enjoyed by audiences. A Catholic Priest visits an athiest woman friend with flowers and candy, removes his collar, and confronts celibacy versus manhood. Taken from his home country, Hop-frog is used by the tyrant king for entertainment. After the king humiliates Hop-frog's friend Trippetta, he finally plots the king's downfall and his own escape through an elaborate practical joke.

Freddie Watson, a successful estate agent is sent to a property awaiing the arrival of a prospective buyer, who has not been told that overlooking the house is a Naturist resort. A series of situations involving scantily dressed girls, ,a sex starved vicar's wife, plus his work partner posing as the owner ensure that Freddie has to have his wits about him as each situation increases in tempo. The real owner arrives on the scene having second thoughts about selling much to the relief of Freddie, who is by this time, ready to expire.

Carol's need to know more about sex has misfired. Now she is faced with rearing a baby. Advice from school friends cascades around her Little do they know that fate has other plans for them, as uninvited outing guests begin showing up one after another, ending in the two of them hiding in the kitchen of the restaurant, and the police being called.

A young man that has earnt money in the xmas break from uni by selling items on eBay wraps up his parcels for customers with his eccentric and every so dippy mother, and his sexually frustrated sister. The script is solely character based, and is , essentially a comic farce. Simon is the victim of a vicious attack which leaves him paralysed and in a wheelchair and only able to communicate via his iPad. As the culprits have not been apprehended the family decide to take the law into their own hands.

An absurd play set in Clodhopper's office. Clodhopper is keen to convince the boss that his paper dart project will be a success, but having to deal with the foolish antics of an employee, Cassidy, he reminisces in a remarkable way and questions whether Cassidy is foolish or serious enough to be a member of the company. Surprisingly, Cassidy is promoted much to his own and Miss Roach's joy! A man, Michael, and a woman, Mary, meet at night in the ruins of a pub they used to frequent when they were much younger.

He would take her for a drive in his car and he was a fine driver, but he was incapable of expressing his true feelings for her. Mary, meanwhile married someone else, a good man, but she is unhappy in her marriage. Michael, though, died in a car crash. Did he kill himself because of Mary, or was it only negligence and drink that caused it? Mary drinks too, to the Half Moon. The play was performed as one of the Sussex Playwrights' finalists in June , and by Telstars Cardiff in November A melodramatic comedy about the founder of a new brand of cherry cola and his not-so-charming wife, who are living the life of the rich and famous - this, despite the fact that their new cherry cola has caused a public stir by setting the tongues of people who drink it on fire.

The investors are therefore very happy, so they are too. Just not their cola. Andy Wilson's early retirement should have marked a happy chapter in his marriage. Wife Carol, fifteen years his junior, has career ambitions. Married life is slowly fading with Andy's needs suffering.

A Christmas House

Daughter Rachel is concerned. After a heart attack, he dies and is awoken by, 'A Friend,' sent to explain his unique dilemma. Having died too soon certain events would have taken place had he been alive. As there is several months missing, the possibility of him going to Heaven or Hell, hang in the balance. He returns to his life to face his nemesis. Rachel tackles her mother about the state of her marriage and is shocked to learn she's bisexual.

Andy realises his time is running out as he is faced with a married man's worst nightmare. A surrealistic look at situations in which the emotional needs of the individual play an important part in the way others perceive them. The next captain of the England football team is a transsexual.

Life in the top flight of English Premiership football is fraught with danger both on and off the field, as the press devours morsels of anything that tastes of a scandal.. The off field antics often blur a footballers ability on the field. Not so Chris Peters, a rising star, in his early twenties, who is destined to be the next England captain. His racy past is now behind him, he's settled for the quiet life with his girlfriend. Both are being lauded as the next "Posh and Becks". After a game one afternoon Chris finally decides to come to terms with his sexuality and confides in his friend and reporter Alec Dawson of a decision that will change his life forever.

A husband and wife insurance team, Jim and Lisa, are co-hosts on a radio show on which they answer insurance based questions for people that call in. The rosy bubble of their perfect lives bursts one day, with revelations that come out live on air in this ten minute satire. A brief telling of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack gets tricked into exchanging all his mother's weath for a handful of magic beans.

The beans grow into a giant beanstalk which enables Jack to climb to the clouds and meet Giant Biggins Cast at least 6: Set in the s, the big house has a garden party - there are love trysts to be contended with and the young folk, led by the much adored Rupert, indulge in a murder mystery game which appears to go wrong. His best friend, Pat is the total opposite.

In fact, Pat acts very much more like a real priest than Mike does. When Pat comes round to visit Mike they end up having a few drinks. They only need that small push to make them go in this comedy about a priest and his best friend. Close friends Daphne and Moira find their lives are changed, in different ways, when they entertain an ageing and somewhat debauched gigolo. Martin Hales, and ex-copper has been diagnosed with cancer. He has a score to settle with a former colleague Dizzy Gillespie. He hatches a plan to lure him to a showdown involving his daughter whom Dizzy raped and set up for Drug offences some years earlier.

After 25 years in the TV soap "Harry's World" actor Owen Sharp is distraught and on the verge of a mental breakdown as he is unable to come to terms with his character being killed off along with his screen family. Kelvin Martin, known as the 'soap butcher' has slaughtered characters without remorse. After one rehearsal things begin to take fantasy into reality, with the sacked players resurrecting their characters as they await the arrival of Kelvin. The Phoenix Descending Theatre Company is in terminal meltdown, as productions are rehearsed back to back with extra rehearsals in between.

Artistic Director, Peter Quince, wields an iron fist as his players are subjected to artistic and personal abuse as he criticises and ridicules their private lives. To make matters worse, he's a Police Superintendent. As the cast members assemble on stage for a run through of "A Laugh a Minute," a politically incorrect comedy, are things really what they seem to be.

Why don't the actors walk out? Why don't they rebel? Something is just not right. As the run through of "A Laugh a Minute" appears to be going well, it suddenly comes to an abrupt halt and all is revealed. This is a quirky comedy drama with an unexpected ending. Values is what underlies the theme of this twenty-five minute comedy play. Two young fugitives, who feel that the common household pets are being victims of genocide through the very institutions that are suppose to protect them, go under cover to destroy as many kennels as they are able to do.

Surprisingly, they are told that they are no longer a part of the mortal world and should repent for the sins of their actions. However, they refuse to accept their plight and continue on their mission until they encounter a shadow who shows them the light and a new life in which the psychic unexpectedly becomes a part of. A writer is marking exam scripts, when he is interrupted by a workman who has arrived to sort out a nob. The two talk and realise they have more in common than they thought, triggering the writer who we discover at the end to be J R R Tolkien to open the door to something wonderful.

As family and friends gather to celebrate Liam's thirty-ninth birthday, his parents, Wendy and Dennis, argue about their first years of married life. When heavily pregnant Jenny arrives, not feeling to well, with husband Simon, things begins to simmer. He confides in Dennis he's had an affair with Jenny's sister, which ended when Jenny fell pregnant. Jenny later tells Wendy her own little secret.

Lucy arrives, without husband Pauls and anounces they are separating. Wendy and Dennis realise that holding the party was ill timed for all concerned. Then the mysterious Charles arrives, with a revelation affecting them all and tempers begin to boil over, as accusations and recriminations taint the gathering. As friends leave in distressed states to contemplate their future, Liam is nowhere to be seen.

Courtroom revelations, the local newspapers savaging him, and Sarah Ramsey: A couple on a visit to a stately home lose their way and end up as the integral part of a drama from some fifty years before. Bobby Kemp wakes up one evening in his living room to find Lord Capulet from "Romeo and Juliet" reading the prologue to the play. Bobby thinks he's dreaming and ignores him in the hope he'll wake up. Bobby soon realises it's for real when Lord Capulet tells him he's in Newcastle with William Shakespeare, as the Bard wants Bobby to play Lord Capulet in the forthcoming production being performed at Tynemouth Priory.

The Bard has a strange way of convincing Bobby he's right for the role. The Bard is in spirit only and never seen. Bobby reluctantly goes for the audition and gets the part with a little help from the Bard and Lord Capulet.. Bobby's daughter, Jodie, a drama student, has already been cast as Juliet. He soon realises that art is imitating life and vice versa as events unfold leading up to the performance. A fun filled one act musical for six actors, 3F and, er, 2 other F dressed up as men and at least one real man with a real beard.

Please be advised to leave your serious hats at the door for an hour of entertaining quips and silliness, a story of 6 friends finding love through jokes and song. The ladies are equally lamenting about the lack of decent men in the area when in walks Amyntas, a tall man with a real, not drawn on, beard and a deep voice.

Naturally fighting ensues and much harmonised singing. As the play progresses you realise the person is talking to themselves. But that is only the beginning of what is to come.

Labia Repair 2013

Louise Dent is a dowdy, frigid and recently married 35 year old. She finds herself spending an evening with 59 year old Donna Naylor, an extrovert and ex-glamour model at Donna's house. Both have met for the first time and neither have met each others husbands, Liam and Eric, who are out together celebrating their Fooball team's win after going to the game. From the onset, Louise is extremely uncomfortable as Donna recounts her experiences in the glamour game and her sexual exploits over the years.

Louise's life pales into insignificance as Donna paints a vivid picture of her past lifestyle. Things come to a head, when Donna accuses her of being a poor excuse for a woman and sparks fly. When their husbands return, both women are shocked at what they see. Will Louise reveal her secret about Donna's husband Liam?

Can Donna bring herself to reveal Eric's little foible. This is an adult comedy drama. A one-act, four scene retelling of the traditional Mother Goose pantomime. Caught in a battle of wills Fairies Virtue and Vanity choose Mother Goose to settle an argument about the human race. Will poor Mother Goose be tempted to give up her best friend for a life of wealth and beauty; or will she resist temptation? Murder and a Show is the story of Eric, who is married to Aubrey, who is dumb as bricks, and Tom, who is married to Trixie, who thinks she knows everything about everything.

And to make matters worse a nervous police officer shows up because of report of gunfire in the area. Tensions mount as everyone at the party scrambles to find the murderer while trying to convince the police that nothing is wrong. This whodunit comedy show was produced and performed at Theatre 29 in Twentynine Palms, California in and was presented as a dinner theater experience. Read more about best selling playwright Mike Maxwell. One family suddenly becomes aware of oppressive government tactics as each member becomes a target.

Short comic play about the idiosyncrocies of adolescence. Martin is 17, a 6th form school student, and miserable. Has high esteem of himself, yet is socially inadequate The play takes part in the supermarket where he works after school, and displays his characteristics and his infatuation with a mature female shopper that flirts with him in order to get her groceries at a discount.

My child - a short one act about an unwanted teen pregnancy by British playwright Kat Ravlic. A short drama script that deals with both the anguish of being a woman who is unable to have her own child, as well as the emotional turmoil surrounding a teenage girl when she finds out that she is pregnant. A beautifully written short one act for two female actors that would be a great festival play and black box theatre play script.

Alice and Janet, two sisters, are thrown together to share a flat. They are very different. Through out their lives they have shared similar struggles and day to day issues work, love, parents, death etc. Yet each one shows it in a different way. Alice tries to help Janet with her anger and frustrations ending in hilarious outcomes that make Janet question her soul and who she is. Naked - One act romantic comedy about the pitfalls of internet dating by Morley Shulman. Once upon a time two people met on the internet.

And then they met at a coffee shop. A nice two-hander, one act festival play for stage. Martin Hales, an ex-copper, has been diagnosed with cancer.


His life has been shattered by the death of his wife, his imprisonment and his daughter's imprisonment. He has a score to settle with Chief Inspector Gillespie, his partner in an Armed Response team some ten years previous, who is now a Police Negotiator. Gillespie raped his daughter, then set her up on a trumpted up drugs charge.

Now out of prison, Martin hatches a plan to bring them together before he dies to settle the score. This is a gritty, hard-hitting American play about teen suicide, a piece considered unique among plays on this topic and suitable for both youths and adults. It is set very much among the current youth and hip-hop cultures and will translate well for British audiences. The unique concept for this play involves a fantasy character called the Rapmaster, who attempts to entice the two male characters to commit suicide. In effect, the audience sees directly into the minds of two people considering suicide.

Described by Gareth Machin, National Theatre, as 'impressive', 'deft', with 'great theatrical moment' s , displaying 'an essential humanity'; 'Gripping' DailyInfo; 'You can hardly get a better evening's entertainment' Oxford Prospect. The play is in two scenes, both set in In scene 1 we meet Celia Jones who has invited a spiritualist to her home Professor Brailey.

Brailey is a conman who agrees to perform a seance believing Celia to be a war widow. He is surprised at the end of the scene when her husband, Captain Jones, enters. Scene 2 is a week later and Brailey performs the seance to Celia and a very sceptical Captain. The con-tricks of the spiritualist are revealed but the experience releases all the anger and fear of the soldier. The play touches on war guilt, the home front, and the afterlife. Malcolm Dodd is a giant in the theatre world and an ogre. One day, during auditions for "A Midsummer- Night's Dream" his temper is at boiling point as auditions begin to run late.

He is confronted by, Larry Olivier, a mature actor who slowly begins to strip Malcolm of his sanity. Thirty years previous Malcolm assaulted a young boy. The actor is his twin brother and he has come to seek revenge. He wants Malcolm to commit suicide on the stage that night. Malcolm thinks it's wind up and goes along with the little game.

He soon realises it's not, when Malcolm's past history is revealed by Larry. This is a Youth production. Everyone has surprises waiting to be exposed from their past. Even Carol's Grandad, who appears to be of a very mild disposition nowadays. The question is what was he like in his youth? This is set in the Rock 'n Roll era. A collection of deliciously dark ten minute plays and a one acter featuring characters from Nursery Rhymes and Folk Tales with a21st century twist in their tale.

Some of them have been seen around the world, winning prizes and accolades. A professor addresses his class; it becomes apparent he is having some sort of breakdown. Gradually it is revealed that he has made a racial slur and there is a campus-wide scandal around him. Is he a racist, or the victim of an oversensative society? This is a junior play suitable for 6 to 12 year olds. Everyone knows that Garden Gnomes are just lumps of concrete, without minds or feelings. Then again, what happens when it's dark? Maybe there is more to them than just glossy paint. Set in s in a stationery store of a large company, the play is about office life at that time.

A romantic comedy involving Arthur, very set in his ways, a bachelor, and a new female colleague, with whom he, surprisingly, falls in love. But things don;t go to plan! A younger colleague makes sure of that. A pompous office manager holds court, and the cast is completed by a blowsy female member of staff. The village ladies weekly meeting in the old hall goes from bad to worse when the guest speaker fails to turn up. Nothing daunted, they open the rule book and try to carry on, with unexpected results.

As retired millionaire businessman, Martin Smith and his wife Joan, prepare for Christmas, their dark past is dragged up and given an annual airing, laced with a generous helping of alcohol on his part and regrets on hers. When their son, Peter arrives with his new girlfriend, Julie, Martin is pleasantly shocked to find she was the young prostitute he'd used years ago.

As the evening progresses, tensionsand tempers begin to build, as Martin taunts and teases his family with emotional charades. Julie considers leaving, fearing a terrible revelation, but she finds she has an unlikely ally in Joan, who is fully aware of his activities outside their marriage and has had her own agenda over the years.

As a final family confrontation ensues, Christmas will never be the same again in the Smith household. Billy lets us into his home, introduces us to his frineds and lets us in on some of the comedy and tragedy of his life. The story opens in Picasso's Parisian studio, In Picasso's nightmares, he's entrapped inside the canvas which stands over his bed. Wishing on a blue rose, Olga calls forth the Minotaur to heap revenge on her husband: Olga tells Picasso it's hubris that condemns him. Memento Mori is butchered by Torturadors.

Picasso discovers Memento Mori's camera cable, which connects to his studio. He follows it to the back of his canvas where the Minotaur cuts it, sealing his fate. Picasso realises this is his second visit to Hades. He met the Minotaur at birth. The Minotaur offers Picasso freedom if he creates a magical painting. The Minotaur, disguised as Picasso, entices the muses into Tartarus. Olga slights the Atormentas. Pierrot and the Atormentas reverse Olga's spell. Pierrot shows Picasso how to make powers of thought reality.

Picasso creates the Torero and learns to project controlled mental images onto canvas. The Torero kills a Torturador, introducing death to Hades. The Torero, following Picasso's behest, slays the Minotaur and rescues the muses. Picasso, believing this will achieve release, is frustrated: The Torero becomes his own man.

Two lovers purposely die on his sword, to be together, beyond Hell. Picasso realises the Torero is key. He resurrects the Minotaur. The Minotaur and Torero do battle. The Minotaur gains the Torero's sword of Death. Picasso gains the corpse on his fabric; Pierrot thinks the blue rose onto canvas.

Picasso, Olga and muses are freed. Blanche Scallywag III has a mission to complete or else she loses her job! Tiny Piccolo is a dream come true, until she is stolen and sets off on a whirlwind adventure to find happiness. With some bumps along the way! With characteristic detachment and scientific expertise, Frances has already made plans for the survival of the human race. All she has to do is to wake her three random companions and act on their decisions once they realise that they are the only survivors and that they carry a genetic toolkit embedded in their arms.

In fact they seem rather distressed. They want to know all kinds of irrelevant details and seem to hate her rather than feel gratitude. In making their decision, they discover that ordinary people do matter and Frances discovers the limits of logic. Battle weary and devastated by his loss he decides to give up being a soldier. He offers him the title of Thane of Glamis if he will agree to continue as his general.

A new initiative by the headmaster of a comprehensive school leaves Debbie Charlton with the unenviable task of supervising detention with a difference. As school resources are stretched, this is the last thing Debbie wants. Six pupils have volunteered to be guinea pigs in a series of half-hour role playing exercises. All are apprehensive, especially the cynical and arrogant Jason Walker who starts off on the wrong foot. As the session progresses a marked change in the pupils attitude is noticed as they realise that the make believe situations can actually happen in real life.

When the session finishes, a real life tragedy confronts Jason, and Debbie is left to come up with the answers. If she were honest to herself Nina would conclude two things, the first being: The play is set in the saloon bar of a pub. Every Wednesday night a Quiz is held in the back room. It is regularly won by a team called The Faceless Bureaucrats. Tommy, Joe and Berne, the pub's working class regulars, are determined to beat them one day. The pub is run-down.

Brenda, the hard-working but tolerant and perceptive manager, is apprehensive about the expected visit by the Area Manager. Meanwhile the pub is becoming the regular resort of journalists and political advisers. They are attending a Public Inquiry in the new hotel round the corner, where another little drama is unfolding about building contracts, back-handers, politicians and faceless bureaucrats.

When Baz Watson wins, "Have A Dirty Weekend On Us" competition run by a popular lads magazine, his prize is a weekend for two, at a hi-tech cottage at a secret location in the country. Kate, their "Model of the Month," is his partner, plus the serialisation rights of their exploits as part of the package. Unfortunately, Barry senior also entered a competition in a mature adult magazine and was chosen by their model of the year, "Big Beautiful Betty from Brighton," to spend an extremely filthy weekend, also at a secret location.

Baz arrives at the wrong cottage and is confronted by all things Green, Eco-friendly and recycled, right down to making his own bed - hammer and nail included. His nightmare begins when he meets Alice, Betty who is definitely more than just eco-friendly. What's become of his dad and Kate? Just as things couldn't get any worse, a Green couple arrive, to indulge in an environmentally friendly wife swapping weekend.

Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised
Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised
Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised
Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised
Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised
Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised Virgin Tears - A Full Length Play - Revised

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