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I am looking forward to reading more by this author.


Default This was a very good book. It really showed how how the system can be. This situation can and probably has happened to so many men. So even though the book is fiction it didn't feel as though it was If you are named as the father in a paternity suit, you have 30 days to confirm or deny.


Jul 27, Carmen Blalock rated it it was amazing. Anyone who is a parent knows it is a difficult but rewarding job, but when things start to happen as a result of no fault of your own it really starts to take a toll on parenthood. Roxanne and Parker Redman are a couple who has been married for 3 years and are trying very hard to have a baby.

After a miscarriage Roxanne and Parker's lives are further turned upside down and they are not sure if they can recover from this latest misfortune. James and Serena Carson are friends to Roxanne and Parker Anyone who is a parent knows it is a difficult but rewarding job, but when things start to happen as a result of no fault of your own it really starts to take a toll on parenthood. James and Serena Carson are friends to Roxanne and Parker and have 2 children. When James and Serena's daughter Semaj is rushed to the hospital with her latest bout of Sickle Cell Anemia some interesting revelations are discovered that leaves everyone stunned!

Lachez Baker is a single mother with 3 kids. Her only job is to hustle money from guys that she dates but when she discovers a basically foolproof scheme, not even Lachez can pass it up, but some things are just too good to be true! Through a series of events the lives of these 3 families with cross and the result will be a catastrophe! How do you go about being a good person and a better parent when the deck is stacked against you? Zane Presents Daddy by Default is a great read for an individual or a bookclub because it gives you lots to talk about, I even found myself talking to the book asking questions!

Pat Tucker captured the emotions of everyone involved with these intersecting stories and brought it all to a head perfectly! Aug 10, Karen rated it really liked it. Parker Redman and his wife Roxanne are on their way home from the hospital after another miscarriage. Parker is pulled over for speeding and is arrested for non-payment of child support.

This is a huge surprise to Parker and Roxanne. Roxanne is so upset with her husband Parker. This is a great book which deals with faith. Dec 31, Shatoya Sims rated it it was amazing. I read it in one day because I was anxious to find out what would happen next. I was really interested because I felt the book was honest about the laws. So if James was in OK, he would be responsible for Semaj until age I know this book is fiction but I know similar thing have really happened.

Daddy's Maybe Zane Presents

These laws really need to be looked into and changed to catch up with the times. This book is one of those books that grabs your attention. In some parts i would have to reread and see if what i read was right it was a lot of drama between the married couples that involved children.

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I know if you start to read this book you wont want to put it down. There is lots of detail in the story about whats going on. Jan 16, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Hands down this books was very good. Parker a married man dealt a bad hand due to the law of missed deadline to question paternity. James, Parker's best friend has his own share of paternity to prove when dealing with his soon to be ex wife. Dec 19, Tyra rated it liked it. I found the dialect annoying after a while.

I'm sure that there are a number of African Americans who do speak this way, but they aren't the people I know. I also thought that a couple of the story lines didn't have a conclusion. And, all I can say, is if this can really happen to men, the legal system has GOT to change! Dec 10, SlimmGoodie rated it liked it. This book was interesting to me basically because it was a different topic than I am used to reading. The ending was predictable so it took away from the story for me. The divorcee, Serena, was a little extra, her character was so cold and inhumane. But other than that it was ok.

I do not plan on reading the 2nd book neither would I recommend it as a read for anyone else. Nov 23, Iris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the dialect annoyed me from time to time, the story gripped me. This could have been my kids story if not for their adoption.

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Well, maybe that's a little dramatizing on my part, but as I said the story really gripped me. Jun 17, Latoria Wilson rated it it was ok. I struggled to finish this book. The first six chapters was boring as well as the characters. It began to pick up more than halfway through but by then I figured out the plot and the ending was a complete waste of my time. I hope football widows will be a better read. Jul 31, Shavonna Futrell rated it it was amazing. I cannot wait to read the next one. This is my first book by her and it definitely will not be the last.

Apr 06, Shone rated it it was amazing. Amazing , and full of drama. Roxanna and Parker are in a state of depression when their marriage is hit with a thousand pound cyder block.

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The more they try to break it down the larger it and more complicated it gets. Read the story to see who is behind all this drama and why. Feb 14, Nandi Crawford rated it it was amazing. A very thought provoking book about. Nov 22, Charmain rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading this book. I read it in 24 thats how good it is!!!!! Feb 13, Sheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: I learned some very informative information regarding paternity. Mar 02, April rated it really liked it. Good and informative read. I enjoyed the storyline and characters. Jul 25, Melinda rated it liked it.

The book was okay. Could have been a bit better but was a quick read. Seemed like something that would really happen haha. Oct 07, Nedra rated it it was amazing. This book evokes a LOT of emotions both for the woman and man. It is true the child support system is skewed to a woman's favor, but it is what it is. Aug 07, Mia rated it it was amazing. Feb 09, Faith rated it really liked it. This book surprisingly caught my attention in the first chapter.

Makes you want to keep reading to see how much "baby mama" drama a man can really take. Feb 06, Sheryl Boyce rated it it was amazing. This book kept me on the edge of my seat! I was getting mad like I was one of the characters in the book! Jan 23, Kim Knight rated it it was amazing. Pat Tucker is an excellent storyteller.

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  5. Daddy By Default by: Oct 26, 1. I've been reading and reading and flipping page after page waiting for something to happen! The plot has only covered about 3 days in fucking pages. No clue as to who the woman is who is trying to get back child support, no type of plot twist.

    Just him sitting in jail looking stupid wanting to go home and his wife who I feel like is kind of a dingbat.

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    She's actually kind of on his side but she hasn't made any type of boss moves in his honor. I'm interested in the girl lachez because she's humorous. Anyway, does it get interesting? Somebody tell me how it ends so I can put the shit behind me. Oct 28, 2. I've stopped reading Zane a long time ago. I'm no prude, but it's so much that you can read about big dicks,cum and swollen pussy. Her writing fell off after her first three books. I think she has mental issues. Oct 30, 3. Nov 10, 4.

    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)
    Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents) Daddys Maybe (Zane Presents)

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